The Melbourne (Melbun?) Issue

Fantastic last 3 minutes of Review a Smackdown discussing the proper pronunciation of Melbourne which should’ve gone further.

And while I’m not Australian, I just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in and start something which will probably go nowhere.

First, this is not the first time I’ve heard John take ownership of how words and names stemming from different countries get pronounced. I recall his criticism of Jim Ross and his interpretation of The Great Sasuke on the Canadian Stampede review from back in the day and heaven help you if you say Okada’s first name ‘Kazoocheeka’. Even though that’s how Rocky Romero says it who works for New Japan and likely knows him well. But I digress.

Ultimately I agree with Wai that the pronunciation of Melbourne (Melbun) stems from the local accent. In this case it is clear as a Canadian saying ‘Melbun’ you are saying it to ingratiate yourself to Australian listeners. Fine. But it’s a slippery slope. If you’re going to do this, then to be consistent and not hypocritical, you have to also start calling Boston ‘Bwaastun’, Montreal ‘Mo-ree-Al’, New York ‘New Yak’.

And why stop there? Why not call Ibushi, Ibushi Kota? Or the Ace, Tanahashi Hiroshi because that’s how it is pronounced locally on ring intros?

Suddenly it’s different even though it’s the same.

I think trying to use a local accent to acknowledge you know a local accent (to make yourself seem more worldly I guess) is filled with pitfalls to say the least even though your intentions might be good. But I dunno…

Ok, enough of that. Gotta go…there’s a Tronno Blue Jays game on.


This kind of thing happens everywhere. There is a town in east Texas spelled Cooper, the people who live in that area pronounce it has Cuper.

and Humble, TX is pronounced Umble

I got family down there and I always give them crap about it

It’s mostly an Aussie thing, shorten everything or give everything a nickname.

For example the “Melbourne Cricket Ground” or “M.C.G.” is also known locally at “The G”. Sporting clubs almost all have nicknames or monikers. To call it “Melbourne” instead of “Mel-bin” almost make you sound like a rich snob.

Even other cities and towns like “Brisbeen” instead of “BRISBANE”, “Adelaid” instead of “ADELAIDE”, “Essindon” instead of “ESSENDON”.

For those unsure here is how local side “Melbourne Victory” pronounce there name “Mel-bin” ( ) also VICE’s RIVAL’s show’s how full the MCG is during a big AFL match ( LANGUAGE WARNNING: ) Carlton V Collingwood.

Also Hollywood & Aussie accents ( ) :smile:

Just one thing: Melbourne isn’t only pronounced Melbun by Melburnians with a heavy Aussie accent - it’s pronounced Melbun by ALL Australians. Of course there are slight variations, but I’ve never ever heard anyone on this side of the equator say Mel-born.

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Those two words would be pronounced the same.

I knew a girl from Australia that always pronounced it “Mel-burn.” I assumed the “r” was soft becuase of the accent, rather than it essentially not being pronounced at all.