The Mouth on Commentary!

Look what I just found! Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski did wrestling colour commentary one time with Mauro Ranallo for Pro Wrestling NOAH. I gotta say he was excellent! Check it out!


Mama miaaaaa brother

It wasn’t just one time. We actually produced over a years’ worth of these episodes with Mauro and Mouth on commentary during a time when NOAH was the hottest promotion in Japan. They aired each week on Fight Network. I uploaded this for Mauro upon his request, I believe at at time when he was getting looked at by AXS. Hopefully some day the rest will be released. Producing these VO sessions was one of my first big responsibilities at Fight and I have fond memories of working with both of them during this time.


I believe Mouth also did commentary for the dubbed FMW tapes back in the day.


Sixteen years ago today, still holds up. Kobashi was so monstrous, it’s frightening.

Man! I remember watching both FMW and NOAH on “The Fight Network” back then. I enjoyed both Mouth and Mauro on commentary.