the mystery of roman reigns

Will WWE ever learn?

They’re making money despite what anyone else is saying from sponserships, ads and a very large quantity of programming and merchandise so unfortunately, no. They won’t. And they’re so big that it doesn’t look like it would ever comeback to bite them either unless they do something egregious

…Oh wait. GRR. Nevermind.

“Everyone hates Roman Reigns”…really? I don’t.

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I can’t speak to the merchandise numbers, but can honestly say I just cancelled my subscription to the network because I can’t remember the last time i enjoyed a main roster pay-per-view. Reigns has been at the top of the card for the majority of the bad shows that brought me to the decision. I don’t watch Raw anymore either because of the stale “protagonist” character. If i’m the only one then i’m sure the company will be fine without my $11.99 (Canadian), but if there’s a growing number of people like me then maybe they will eventually change direction. Until then I’m going to see what else is on.

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The Roman experiment isn’t just not working for him but it’s holding a lot of things up as well. Why they feel like he needs to be liked when it’s obvious it’s not going to happen anytime soon is ridiculous. They’re treating it like if they don’t make him a babyface now then he can never be the next John Cena and if he’s not the guy then no one can be the guy so might as well just carry on.

Have Seth beat Lesnar for the Universal title (not by an opportunistic cash in) and then have Roman turn heel on his Shield brother (The Shield member that fans actually look at as very talented and deserving of the top spot). And there you have a main event where people are invested. Their guy vs. Vince’s guy and someone who’s obviously Vince’s choice to be the face of the company should always be heel. Wrestling psychology isn’t that complicated if you analyse the crowd rather than pretend they don’t exist.


you’re lucky, you only pay 11.99$ for the network, My cable company makes me pay 13,99$ for the network.

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My bad, it was $13.99. Even worse, lol.

100%! I can’t disagree with a single thing you said. Seth has been crushing it lately. I really think that your idea would get everyone involved the maximum reaction from the audience, which should be the point. I know the company is making money hand over fist right now, but I truly believe they could get more viewers if the creative was good enough for the us, so called hardcore fans, to vouch for it and get casual fans to tune in through word of mouth.

Don’t get me wrong Seth is a good worker and he is over with the fans but the issue having Seth beat Brock is not believable, that’s not say that when roman beat brock was but the problem is
i don’t casual fans won’t buy into the fact that a guy who looks like Seth Rollins can beat a big guy like Lesnar it is just not believable imo, for me personally i don’t understand what Seth Rollin’s character, because i feel he doesn’t have a clear character it is a just bunch of nicknames imo, and that 's not his fault, its WWE creative fault for not working alongside with him to get a clear character and me personally would make sense for a guy who has no clear character to beat Lesnar. Also, if Seth did beat Brock i don’t think they will get any new viewers, the only time they would get new viewers would be if roman turned heel and that would get some casual fans interested .