The N.W.A. Podcast: “A.W.A. – Ashanti Wrestling Advocates”

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Welcome back to “The Nubian Wrestling Advocates”!

Nate Milton & “The Professor” Kris Ealy respond to listener feedback from last month’s POST Wrestling debut before welcoming Andrew Thompson back for another informative installment of “Nubian News”!

Then, The Advocates meet The Embassy as veteran performer/producer/promoter Prince Nana stops by to discuss his career, his thoughts on the WWE (including his opinions on Kofi Kingston & Apollo Crews), his many business ventures, and why social activism is important. All that and more on a truly enlightening edition of The NWA Podcast!

The NWA Podcast is a monthly podcast that drops every 2nd Sunday on POST Wrestling!

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This might be the only place on the planet where a Bell Biv DeVoe mention leads to an immediate Jim Ross callback. Ha ha! I love this show.

Great episode. Great interview. (Loved hearing the conversation with Prince Nana touch on so many different subjects in wrestling and beyond.) Greatness all around.

And thank you so much for answering my question! Dug the responses. Gimme Yeehaw Nation all day, but I’m also onboard for Kris’s Black Hennig character.

Already looking forward to the next one.



Enjoyed the conversation between Prince Nana, Nate and The Professor KME, as well the discussion of Kenice Mobley’s firing from the WWE. The thing I like is that you give a different viewpoint of the situation. “A fresh coat of eyes” if you will?

Can’t wait for the next episode. Great Work!


Thanks man. She is someone we definitely want on the podcast but she might not want anything to do with wrestling anymore. Hahaha… I will give it one more college try.

Hahahaha… Like the MINUTE I called that man “Michael Bivins” I knew I had to clean that mess up/

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