The N.W.A. Podcast: “Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves...”

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Welcome to the debut edition of “The Nubian Wrestling Advocates” on POST Wrestling! Nate Milton & Kris Ealy are joined by Rich Fann (Pro Wrestling Torch), and Sister Maria (Sistas With Sabers) for a wide-ranging conversation on the current state of the pro-wrestling business.

Topics discussed include: The current utilization of BIPOC performers in the major promotions, the importance of having diverse viewpoints in the writer’s room, which influential personalities in the business can get invited to the cookout, and the first ever “Racist Poultry Power Rankings”.

All that, plus Andrew Thompson’s “Nubian News” on the POST-premiere of The NWA Podcast!

The NWA Podcast is a monthly podcast that drops every 2nd Sunday on POST Wrestling!

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I’ve been looking forward to this all weekend. Very happy to have the NWA Podcast in my POST broadcasting lineup.

I love the wealth of different perspectives, slick production and it’s already cracked me up a bunch which is always nice. I’m only partway through, but I wanted to weasel in that I’m enjoying the NWA Podcast a lot and am jazzed for more.

Side Note: Nate has Chris in the Morning from Northern Exposure energy. Dude is a master at philosophical musings in front of a microphone.


I can’t wait to listen this :heart_eyes:

This was a great listen, folks! I’ve been struggling to put into words why the Cody promo bugged me so much, but Nate expressed the problem perfectly. (I have some qualms with Chris’ assertion regarding Cody winning all the time, but that’s a topic for another day and the Ogogo booking remains puzzling.) Really looking forward to future episodes as well as the forthcoming interviews which were mentioned.


Hahahaha… What’s the problem with Cody winning all the time? (Keep in mind, I am not saying that I am in favor of Cody winning all the time but from a storyline standpoint, why would anyone choose to go with QT over Cody? The man, gets results.)

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Hey, Kris! (Sorry for misspelling your name earlier.)

It’s the assertion that Cody -does- win all the time that I disagree with. Yeah, he can and should get the win over QT every time, but QT’s not the project, and Cody’s given major establishing wins to the likes of Jade, Darby, Brodie, and most importantly MJF. Hell, even when he’s beaten guys like Starks and Kingston it was expressly to give them a platform to show off what they could to and help them earn a foothold within AEW. And it’s because of that that the defeat of Ogogo felt so off. Ogogo wasn’t playing some ‘never say die’ underdog like Darby, he was showcased as a devastating prize fighter who could rupture internal organs with a single punch, so he doesn’t gain nearly as much in a loss as Darby or Starks does. If the argument is that Ogogo isn’t ready to be elevated to Cody’s level on the card, then why book him for the loss in his first program (same could admittedly be said about the Wardlow cage match), rather than having him feud with someone lower on the card like Dustin? If the argument is that the old-school patriotic story had to end with the face winning, I’d point you to Ogogo having to desperately beg people not to cheer for him on socials as proof that a lot of people didn’t want to boo a biracial Olympian fighting to overcome being blind in one eye in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

…But anyway, that’s a very minor quibble that has essentially nothing to do with the super thoughtful and entertaining discussion that you folks had and I don’t wanna get bogged down in booking minutiae when you should be taking a victory lap. It’s a great team you’ve assembled and it’s going to be great to get your perspectives on the POST feed!

Okay, so what I was alluding to win I said Cody wins all the time is that Cody has a track record of success in that company and QT Marshall is a jobber. Why would anyone choose to play second fiddle to QT Marshall? At least with Cody, Plus, a personal level I am just not a fan of QT as a character. I am sure he is a nice person in real life but his character is just not a dude that I would want to hang out with. To me, it would be like DX turning on HHH and joining a stable that is lead by Barry Horowitz.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, it’s a somewhat puzzling means to an end and I wouldn’t want Ogogo to be sticking around QT for any extended period of time. Whenever he’s ring-ready after his surgery I’d want to start feeding him some non-enhancement guys.