The N.W.A. Podcast!

Hey POST-Marks,

For anyone interested, here’s the new show I was talking about with John & Wai on the Cafe’ Hangout the other night!

" On the inaugural edition of the " Nubian Wrestling Advocates " podcast, “The Professor” Kris Ealy & “The Godfather” Nate Milton are joined by POST Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson.

The guys reflect on the cultural & historical significance of Kofi Kingston’s title reign before diving into the recent ACH/Jordan Myles controversy. Other topics discussed include Hulk Hogan’s continued working relationship with the WWE, the importance of representation in our entertainment, and the five categories of characters that a Black wrestler is allowed to portray (because as we all know, there are only five!).

All that, and more on the action-packed debut episode of The N.W.A. Podcast !

Leave us your questions, comments, & suggestions for future guests at:! "


Look forward to listening to it, Nate! Always enjoy hearing others perspectives and you always provide great insight to this wonderful sport that we all love.


'Preciate the kind words!

This was a project that we’ve been planning for months (Kris first approached me with the idea back in January), but the ACH situation kind of forced us to get our act together & make a show quick, fast, & in a hurry…Lol!

We hope the show can be something interesting, entertaining, & enlightening for wrestling fans; and ultimately something that helps continue a conversation about wrestling’s multiple issues when it comes to representation. :fist:t4::100:


I will listen to it and since I like you I will take a shower before I listen.

Honestly, I don’t care what state a listener is in (as long as they’re not harming themself/others) as long as they listen! :rofl::fist:t4::100:



A new episode of The N.W.A. Podcast is available once upon a time called “right now” over on the Kings Of Sport Patreon.

PWTorch’s Rich Fann joins us to discuss ACH’s retirement, Jim Cornette’s resignation, & the “Wednesday Night War”! :100:

NEW Edition Of The N.W.A. Podcast out now!

The Advocates are joined by POST’s Andrew Thompson.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Remembering “KofiMania”
  • Naomi & Bianca Vs. The World
  • Nyla Rose Wins AEW Women’s Title
  • The Miseducation Of Tessa Blanchard
  • Our #BlackExcellence Stars Of The Month!

All that, PLUS we talk about WrestleMania in “Hollywood” on the latest edition of The N.W.A. Podcast! :100:


New episode up, POST-Marks!

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Naomi Deserves Better

  • Sonny Kiss delivers on " Dynamite "!

  • The #SpeakingOut movement & how it intersects with racial discrimination in wrestling.

  • How the current pro-wrestling landscape is viewed through the lens of female fans.

  • A very special #BlackExcellence Star Of The Month honoring author Julian L.D. Shabazz .

The N.W.A. Podcast - “When You Got That Glow”