The new 205 live

I just saw the “Drake Maverick reveals his vision for WWE’s Cruiserweight division” video published by WWE. Wow. It is short, sweet and to the point. I love this video.

Basically, he’s saying : what Vince did was crap and now it’s better. Does Vince care about this ? I guess not ?

Tournament, easy booking.

Things get crazy when you try actual storylines and character debelopment…something Triple H struggles to do with NXT.

I prefer tournaments and easy booking than baffling C-level soap opera storylines.

Also, NXT has a great history of character development. Look at the Sasha/Bayley feud, Ciampa/Gargano, Owens, Velveteen Dream, American Alpha etc.

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Over-simplifying everything just strengthens my point, fella.

Also, take an anger management class once in a while.


The problem is while the shows as gotten better, the show is still struggling in keeping the live crowd interested in staying after smackdown is over. i just saw photo’s posted by Ryan Satin of of a almost empty Staples center during the 205 live broadcast. So while the product as gotten better, nobody cares anymore about the division as a whole and i don’t know how much the change as done as far as the viewership of the show on the wwe network but the fact that nobody is reporting anything about it make me think that nothing as change on that front as well

So right now, i truly feel they need a complete reboot of this show and the division as a whole because nobody cares about them and right now, they are looked at as preliminaries talents wrestling after thet seen all the big stars on smackdown and the MMC and for a lot of fans,it just don’T matter enough to stay past 10 or in this case 10:30 pm to see a bunch of nobodies wrestling no matter out good the matches are and sadly to the common fans that’s what the cruiserweight division is perceive as, a bunch of nobodies wrestling on tv. So until the concept is totally revamped and they move out of the big arena’s and into a smaller settings, they can do whatever version they want for 205 live, it’s still going to be look at as something that’S not worth staying for.

I don’t blame the fans for not staying during 205. Smackdown is such a flat show with no energy and it’s a long night. They need to find a middle ground, because some of the character development was good (Gulak) but a lot of it was idiotic.

It’s not what they do with the characters but how they do it. I think Ciampa and Gargano was very simple but well done. Jericho and Omega’s altercations were also very simple but the execution was excellent.

took me a minute to over simplify those lame examples…and I take great pleasure in proving people like you wrong. It’s not anger, I’d have to give a shit for that.

Boom. Game over. Please play again.

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You gave a shit to write a response :roll_eyes:

Sasha, Bayley, Velveteen, Black, Gargano and Ciampa have all had excellent character development and have had either incredible matches or immense crowd heat. What do you think make people care enough about those people if not for character development? And if you say the crowd doesn’t care, please go back and watch Sasha/Bayley in Brooklyn and Dream/Black from War Games. And the heat on Ciampa after he turns on Gargano. Only over characters get that kind of reaction. But according to your analysis, they aren’t developing characters, so I’m confused :man_facepalming:

Putting words into my mouth…never said anything about matches or crowd reactions. Sasha Banks character was the same since she debuted… …Bayley too.

Their match don’t reflect their characters or did it add any subtext outside of curtain calling it.

The simple = bad analogy really holds no weight with me but I’m not gonna argue the toss over it with Deezy because more than “proving people wrong”, I get the impression he enjoys winding people up and pushing their buttons. He’s said as much himself in other threads.

You’re allowed to not like the NXT product Deezy, and have your doubts that 205 can maintain it’s upswing following the conclusion of the current tournament at WrestleMania, that’s fine - but presenting your personal opinion as cold hard fact is clearly just you trying to get a rise out of peope, which is a shame because when you’re not being purposely facetious you make a lot of good points.

205 has been great since Trip’s took the reigns and NXT is one of the best booked shows available right now. I have plenty of faith that, should Hunter continue to be in charge of 205, that show will become a more must-see product, with many more loyal fans than it has had in the past.

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the thing is that the crowd we’re more invested in the division when you had guys like Neville and Enzo on the brand. Guys that actually knew that they needed more then just deliver great wrestling matches to get over. That’S what’s missing with this new 205 live. You can still continue with this style of product, but have them actually show they’re personalities on screen. Right now, has a fan, i couldn’t care less about everybody in this tournament outside Buddy murphy and Drew Gulak because they are pretty much the only 2 that actually showed some personality on screen. Kalisto was another one that i liked but he got eliminated last week so now i’m stuck with 2 guys that have the exact same story and while both cedric and Roderick are great wrestlers, they both have no personality what so ever and it’s will be like watching the black and white version of the same wrestler in the ring. As far as the other side is concern same goes, take away Gulak and Murphy, the other 2 are just playing plain wrestlers characters and it’s boring.

The fact is, If it wasn’t for Enzo pretty much throwing his career away, the guy was the answer to the 205 live problem because more fans where sticking around for 205 live during his era then any other period in the program’s history, some of the other guys on the heel side benefited from being associate with him because they learn to show more personality in the ring and not just focus on the wrestling part. Sure the old version of 205 live wasn’t perfect, but it was more entertaining to casual fans that what they are doing right now. So unless they decide to have Drake maverick wrestle and bring back somebody like a Neville in the division, i feel this will always be look at as the mediocre show on tuesday night in the eyes of the fans in attendance, even if the match quality is better.


WWE will be instituting a new championship belt after Wrestlemania season ends, has confirmed with multiple sources.

While Wrestlemania 34 will feature the tournament final crowning a new Cruiserweight champion, there are already plans in the works to create a Cruiserweight Tag Team championship for the 205 Live brand.

Saw the news and the way they are starting to put guys from the same nationality togethers as team make me think that this will happens. Again, I hope this mean that they’re will be some big change for the brand after mania and that they will get a complete release from any raw programming which mean main event as well.

Pairing guys together because they’re both Japanese…totally different from Vince McMahon :grin::smile::sweat_smile::rofl:

Let’s wait and see how this is structured, yeah? I mean, if they’re looking at doing another CWC style tourney for the tag belts, then it might be a case of nationality vs. nationality; sort of a World Cup of tag team wrestling. Mexico, Japan, England, America, etc… It’s a World Cup that America might actually manage to win.

Personally, I’ve been convinced by discussion elsewhere that a lucha rules trios title would be far more interesting that a standard tag team titles for cruiser… but whatever.

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I critiqued a new tournament being praised over giving boring characters outside of Drew Gulak (who has seemed to have reverted back to his CWC persona) as somehow better booking. Seems lazy to me.

What have we learned from all our years of watching pro wrestling and looking at the ratings. The characters have always driven the product, and most matches not involving a tag match with Taker and Austin are the biggest ratings in recent pro wrestling history…what’s after that? Stooges vs Mean Street Posse and Rocks this is your life.

If I’m being completely honest, I think Mustafa Ali’s promo from the last show did more for him than any wrestling he has done…sounds like character development to me…almost like the last time he cut a promo about being a proud Arab American from Chicago did for him under “the Vince era”.