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I don’t know how I feel about the idea of the Bucks going to heavyweight; they look so small compared to everyone else - now, would I like New Japan to consolidate the tag divisions and just make it an openweight free-for-all? Yes! That way we get a much deeper and stronger tag division with a bunch of fresh match and team options and do away with the silly weight limits within a division that really doesn’t need them.

I’m ready for the Bullet Club split to happen too; Cody, GoD, Fale and the Tokyo Pimp on one side, Kenny and the Bucks on the other, with Marty in the middle, conflicted about which direction to go before eventually joining The Elite. I’d also advocate Kota joining The Elite eventually, given his history with Omega, but I think I’m probably alone on that. :laughing:


Jesus H Christ.

New Japan announces it’s first Australian tour - albeit with not much notice - an the line up of wrestlers is fucking incredible!


NJPW - 2018 Australian Tour So F’n keen can’t wait!


Thats awesome for Australia. Notable in his absence is Omega. He would be on the poster if he was going. VISA issues? Its a bit puzzling to be sure. But honestly its just cool to see the australian scene taking off the way it has been.


@Khellendross I’d assume Visa Issues for Omega…
A. He had problems in recent years trying to be cleared to work USA.
B. The Australian Government can be notoriously strict when it comes to some well know people being cleared for a VISA.

On the other-hand Tanahashi is coming out all banged up so perhaps surprise or time off for Omega & Naito?


Yea to be honest I was really really hoping Suzuki would put Tanahashi on the shelf for awhile (kayfabe wise) cause I worry for the man’s longevity. And its a different circumstance but I think when you look at the sad story of Misawa you see that this unwillingness to take time off and take care of yourself (or in Misawa’s case, RETIRE) can be disasterous. But if he’s at these Australia shows it seems he’s just gonna continue working through it.


You’re acting like Tana will be working top-tier singles matches on this tour. He’ll be hidden in multi-man tags and hit his key spots, he’ll be grand.

In fact, I’d wager they’ll run an injury angle on this Aussie tour and they’ll film it for NJ World.


@ShaneSilver you have a fair point, he’ll most likely be in 6/8-man tags, but still excited as hell.


Oh I have no doubt, but the thing with his injuries is he needs time away from the ring, not working tags. Its still new japan and the multi man tags though short time in ring, there is a fair bit of stiff work being done. I just worry about the guy.


Well I think we all thought He’d be off after The New Beginning cards but hopefully after this tour, he can rest.


I’m not entirely sure it’ll be one of those “tour shows” or “road to…” shows with a bunch of multi-man matches, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t expect these shows will be on njpw world, so they don’t have to use multi man matches to hold off on confrontations or to build feuds, and
  2. They haven’t announced enough talent. I’m sure they’ll use some local talent here and there - but in Australia they can’t get away with calling it “New Japan” then having 50% of the performers be local jabronis.

I imagine this will be a bit closer to a house show, where we might get “previews” of things like Okada v Sanada and Tana v Suzuki.

That’s what I’m hoping for anyway! I’m not expecting 4-5 star matches, but I’m hoping to not see 10 njpw guys jammed together in a 12 minute 5v5 match.


The Festival Hall prices have been announced, but Adelaide, Sydney, & Perth yet to be confirmed.

So anyone want to buy my kidney to help find my ticket it would be appreciated. :joy::rofl::grin:

  • “One (1) Kidney, slightly used otherwise fine, AU$500.00 o.n.o.”


After WK, I keep finding myself looking so much more forward to the New Beginning shows than any upcoming WWE event.

I actually went back and am watching WK9 to catch up on all the big events I’ve missed. I need my New Japan fix!


New Bigginings & Rumble weekend will be a lot of fun as a viewer


Didn’t bother with any of FantasticaMania, but starting to get amped for then TWO New Beginnings shows next weekend!


I probably not going to watch the Fantasticamania shows since there isn’t any Hiromu Takahashi vs. Dragon Lee type must watch matches.


I’ve watched the first Fantastica Mania card. It was fun, but nothing essential. If you’re watching or interested in watching CMLL, the Angel de Oro vs. Cuatrero match is well worth giving a go; that was my match of the night for that show.


Anybody staying up way late (or getting up way early) to watch New Beginning tonight? I think it’s a 4 AM EST start. I’ll be watching it later in the day.


I’m very tempted. Then again i can just wake up at 8 eastern. Not read spoilers and watch it then lol