The People vs GCW Report: Jon Moxley retains, two title changes, Nick Gage speaks

Originally published at The People vs GCW Report: Jon Moxley retains title Nick Gage speaks

GCW: The People vs. GCW

The Nashville Fairgrounds, Friday, July 29, 2022, Nashville, Tennessee

By Jon Pine

Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:

  • Tony Deppen vs. Mike Bailey
  • Joey Janela vs. Psycho Clown
  • Bandido vs. Jordan Oliver
  • Jon Moxley vs. Blake Christian
  • Trios Match

Catalyst Wrestling Results:

Homicide Defeated Ray Jaz to Retain the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, Eric Martin Defeated Big Cuzzo, Valentina Vazquez Defeated Clara Carreras, Victor Benjamin won the Catalyst Wrestling Freestyle Title, BLK Jeez and Joker Defeated Jay Lyon and Midas Black, Darius Carter Defeated AKIRA to Retain The Catalyst Wrestling Title, Colby Corino Defeated Jack Evans

Upcoming GCW Shows:

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GCW heads back to MEXICO and returns to THE JUNKYARD for Round 2 of GCW vs ZONA 23!

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GCW in the UK:

TNT vs. GCW, September 17, 2022, Liverpool, England

Talents Announced:

Alex Colon, Allie Katch, Blake Christian, Cole Radrick, EFFY, Joey Janela, John Wayne Murdoch, Nick Wayne, Jordan Oliver

GCW Homecoming Night 1 and Night 2 Updates:

Saturday, August 13, 2022, and Sunday, August 14, 2022, Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Night 1:

  • Singles Match: Starboy Charlie vs. Nick Wayne
  • Tag Team Match: The Birsoce Brothers vs. Los Macizos
  • Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Matt Tremont
  • GCW Ultraviolent Title Match: Alex Colon (Champion) vs. Rina Yamashita

Night 2:

  • The Cardona’s renew their vows
  • Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Maki Itoh
  • Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Joe Lando
  • Deathmatch: Rina Yamashita vs. Sawyer Wreck
  • Deathmatch: Charli Evans vs. Cole Radrick

GCW Sanctified

Friday, August 19, 2022, Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Singles Match: George South vs. EFFY
  • Six Man Tag Team Match: Axton Ray, Kerry Morton, and Ricky Morton vs. Billie Starkz, Chris Hamrick, and Jordan Oliver
  • Singles Match: Colby Corino vs. Cole Radrick
  • Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Joe Lando
  • Tag Team Match: Charli Evans and Everett Connors vs. Los Macizos

GCW Hope To Die

Saturday, August 20, 2022, Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Masha Slamovich
  • Singles Match: Slim J vs. Jordan Oliver
  • Tag Team Match: Charli Evans and Everett Connors vs. The Second Gear Crew

The People vs. GCW Results:

Commentary: Dave Prazak, Kevin Gill, Veda Scott, and Nick Gage

Extreme Title Scramble Match: Marko Stunt vs. Grim Reefer vs. Shane Mercer vs. Cole Radrick vs. Axton Ray vs. AJ Gray (Champion)

The match started with Mercer and Gray displaying their strength as they tossed Cole Radrick and Axton Ray. Marko Stunt attempted to beat up the two men but was swatted away as the two massive bulls locked horns in the center of the ring. Grim Reefer sent AJ Gray to the floor, climbed the top rope, sparked a blunt, and hit a flip dive to the floor taking out all the competitors. Marko Stunt attempted to take Shane Mercer off of his but he was caught in mid-air and thrown into the second row of chairs; AJ Gray returned to the ring to confront the Iron Deamon Shane Mercer, Mercer was sent to the floor as AJ Gray took out all the competitors with a twisting moonsault. Axton Ray and Grim Reefer were next up to get some shine but they were cut off by Shane Mercer who suplexed both of them. Radrick and Stunted squared off with Marko doing various Big Show spots which saw Marko plant Cole Radrick on the canvas, Mercer climbed to the top rope and hit his moonsault and battery from the top rope with AJ making the save. AJ Gray hit a buckle bomb followed by a massive lariat onto Mercer, Mercer bailed to the floor, and AJ Gray was attacked by Cole Radrick who hit a springboard stunner. Cole Radrick was the only man left in the ring and went for a dive but Marko Stunt broke his momentum, Cole hit a pedigree for the victory.

Cole Radrick Won the GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Tony Deppen

Before Emil J could finish his introduction of Mike Bailey, Tony Deppen dropkicked him off of the apron and wrung his arm around the ring post. Back inside the ring, the two men traded some forearms in the center of the ring with Mike Bailey getting the best of the exchange. Bailey followed that up with his speedball kicks which sent Tony to the floor, Bailey attempted the triangle moonsault but Tony snuck back into the ring and strung Bailey up in the ring ropes, and attacked Bailey’s knee. Tony continued to work over different body parts, Deppen shot Bailey off the ropes but he was met with a shotgun dropkick which sent Deppen flying into the ropes. Bailey took control of the match hitting an Axe kick followed by a Mars comet for the first near fall of the match. Deppen bailed to the floor but Bailey was able to hit the triangle moonsault which took out Deppen, Bailey rolled Deppen back into the ring and was looking to hit the ultimate weapon but Deppen pushed the ref into the ropes which caused Bailey to lose his balance. Deppen regained control and hit Bailey in the back of the head with a forearm shot, Bailey was able to fire back up and hit his moonsault double knees onto Tony Deppen but it didn’t have that much of an effect as Deppen was able to land a stiff kick. Bailey responded with one of his own but Deppen hit a slingshot Code Breaker for a two; Bailey hit Deppen in the back of the head with a forearm shot as the two once again traded forearms in the center of the ring. Bailey hit a buzzsaw kick and went for his spin kick but Deppen blocked it and locked in a stretch, Deppen transitioned that into Danielson’s elbows followed by an attempt at the crossface chicken wing. Bailey ran Tony’s head into the turnbuckle, hit his spin kick and went for the ultimate weapon but no one was home, Deppen connected with a knee to the back of Bailey’s skull for the victory.

Tony Deppen Defeated Mike Bailey

Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. Nick Wayne

The match got off to a hot start with both men trading near falls and kicks, Wayne sent Zayne to the floor where he hit a tope, he sent Zayne back into the ring and collected a near fall. The pace of the match slowed down a little bit as Alex Zayne started to take control of the match; Zayne planted Wayne with a stiff slam which only got a count of 2. Zayne isolated Wayne in the corner and started to work him over with hard chops to the chest, Zayne obliged the crowd who were chanting ‘One More Time’. Wayne ducked the strike and attacked Zayne with a series of high-flying moves but was eventually grounded with a dropkick to his jaw. Nick Wayne hit Alex Zayne with a dragon suplex for a near fall, with Zayne grounded, Wayne went to the top rope but was eventually cut off by Alex Zayne who took Wayne off the top with a hurricanrana followed by a Stroke type maneuver for another near fall. Wayne hit a jumping high knee which sent Zayne to the apron, Wayne attempted another dragon suplex but Zayne lifted him and placed him back into the ring which set Wayne up for the flipping leg drop. The two traded stiff forearm shots in the center of the ring with Wayne getting the better of the situation, Wayne hit a couple of more offensive moves before he rolled up Alex Zayne out of nowhere for the victory.

Nick Wayne Defeated Alex Zayne

Trios Tag Team Match: Black Taurus, Gringo Loco, and Jack Cartwheel vs. ASF, Komander, Laredo Kid

Taurus and Laredo Kid started the match by shoving each other, Gringo Loco entered the match and started to run some Lucha spots with Laredo Kid. Kid flipped off Loco which only fired up Gringo even more who connected with a dropkick to the Kid’s head. ASF entered the match and started to take the fight to his long-time rival, Gringo Loco. ASF hit a slip dive into head scissors which took out Gringo Loco on the floor. Jack Cartwheel entered next and was able to ground ASF with his various gymnastics-based offenses; Komander finally entered the ring and took the fight to Cartwheel who bailed to the floor once he saw his tag team partner, Black Taurus reenter the match. Gringo Loco and Black Taurus hit stereo top rope press slams; they celebrated in the center of the ring until Black Taurus built up a head of steam and took out his opponents on the floor with a twisting tope. Cartwheel was next to fly as he hit a Moonsault to the floor as Gringo Loco hit a Fosbury flop to the delight of the crowd. Black Taurus took out Komander and sent him over the Gringo Loco who planted Komander on his face with a sit-out slam. ASF was isolated in the ring, he attempted to fly but Black Taurus cut him in half with a spear in mid-air. Laredo Kid returned to the ring and tried to attack Cartwheel but Taurus made the save and planted Kid on the mat in the center of the ring. All 6 wrestlers were inside the ring, Kid sidestepped Cartwheel who flew into the ring post, this allowed his teammates to send their opponents to the floor where they took them out with individual dives. ASF took a hard fall on the floor as Cartwheel didn’t fully catch him. Komander hit his rope walk moonsault and rope walk shooting star press for a count of two. Kevin Gill couldn’t believe that they were kicked out. Gringo Loco hit Komader with his double jump Spanish fly but was only able to get a two count, ASF took out Gringo Loco but was cut off by Black Taurus who planted him face first on his knees, and Komander hit a poisonrana onto Jack Cartwheel then all the members of the match took each other out as the crowd got to their feet in appreciation of these amazing athletes. Komander walked the ropes and hit Gringo with a sunset powerbomb, Komander climbed back up on the top rope but Loco cut him off and hit his top rope sit-out powerbomb followed by a twisting press slam from Jack Cartwheel for the victory.

Jack Cartwheel, Black Taurus, and Gringo Loco Defeated Komander, Laredo Kid, and ASF

Singles Match: Psycho Clown vs. Joey Janela

The two men locked up to start the match as they quickly transitioned into trading pins which led to a stalemate in the center of the ring. The two traded a series of arm drags, Clown took Janela to the floor with a Cactus clothesline; while on the floor, the two traded stiff shots to the delight of the crowd. Clown sent Joey back inside the ring, Janela kicked Clown in the head followed by a forearm smash. Joey attempted to climb the top rope but was pushed off by Clown who took him out with a spear to the floor. Clown returned to the ring where he attempted a tope but was cut off by a forearm from Janela who hit a tope of his own. Joey started to get frustrated as he started to tear away at the mask of Psycho Clown, Joey smashed him over the head with a chair and lined Psycho Clown for a running double ax handle. Clown is bleeding from his skull as a result of the prior chair shot to the head; Janela brought Clown back into the ring where he continued to beat down Psycho Clown and tear away at his mask. Clown was able to shift the momentum with a head kick which sent Joey to the floor; Clown took out Joey with a tornillo and retrieved a chair from underneath the ring and smashed Joey over the head with it. Joey was bleeding from his head at this point as Clown hit a chair and assisted Thez Press into the crowd. There is a guy in the front row with a sight that said “we are on acid” GCW. Joey was hit in the balls with a steel chair and in an apparent reference to the story Jeffrey Gurian told on the Bennington Show, Kevin Gill brought up that Joey could be bleeding from other places.

The two traded European uppercuts, which was followed by a lariat from Joey Janela. Joey’s advantage didn’t last long as Clown grounded him and grabbed a door from underneath the ring. Clown set up the door in one of the corners and attempted to put Joey head first through the door but Joey sidestepped and speared Psycho Clown through the door; he followed that up with a Death Valley Driver for another two count. Joey was brained with a chair shot to the head from Psycho Clown who hit a psycho driver and turned Joey inside out with a lariat. Psycho Clown took too long to pin Joey, as he soaked in the adulation of the crowd. Psycho Clown set up four chairs in the corner, placed Joey on the open chairs, and climbed to the top rope. Joey cut Clown off and hit him with a superplex which sent both men crashing through the chairs. Joey retrieved another door and set up a door bridge in the corner, Psycho Clown hit Joey with a belt and hit him with a Spanish Fly to win the match.

Psycho Clown Defeated Joey Janela

Nick Gage Segment:

“WHERE’S MY FUCKING GANG AT, WE ARE IN NASHVILLE MOTHERFUCKERS I SAID WHERE’S MY GANG AT! I want to be honest with you motherfuckers because you know I’m the realest motherfuckers in that locker room. This Sunday there is a show that will send out a man who made me love Professional Wrestling, the man Ric Flair. At the Nashville Auditorium, let’s give it up for Ric Flair, but you know what I read that card and I noticed they had Impact Wrestling on there, I see that have that fucking shit MLW on there, they even had Triple-A on there, but you know what they didn’t have? The best motherfucking company in the world today and that’s GCmotherfuckingW.

*Camera cuts to Conrad in the front row*

So Conrad you got a fucking problem with me, you’ve got a problem with GCW, you didn’t give us an invite Conrad and I’m going to give you a fair fucking warning right now, we are coming to that auditorium and you can call the cops, you can call pussy Atlas Security, but GCW is going to kick that door down and we are going to take over that motherfucker.

*Conrad gets up and leaves*

You know why? Because we are the last motherfucking outlaws in this business. *MDK call and response* I love you people and you know that.”

Singles Match: Bandido vs. Jordan Oliver

The match started with a feeling-out process which Oliver used to his advantage to rile up the crowd. It’s truly incredible how much Jordan Oliver has improved this year. He is easily the brightest young star on the independent scene. Bandido backed Oliver up in the corner only to get the monkey flipped into the corner followed by a second rope dropkick which sent Bandido to the floor. Oliver went for a dive through the ropes but Bandido was one step ahead as he was able to cut off the momentum with a stiff kick to the head. Bandido continued his beat down of Oliver as he went for the Three Amigo’s followed by a frog splash for a two count. Oliver started to build momentum hitting the Cleopatra followed by springboard pedigree; Bandido fired back up and hit a delayed one-handed press slam for a two count. Bandido hit a double stop across the back of Jordan Oliver as both men took advantage of the referee’s 10 count in an attempt to recuperate. With the traded forearm strikes, Oliver got the better of the situation and hit a delayed German suplex, Oliver tried to gain some momentum but was cut off by Bandido who connected with a cutter. Oliver hit a clout cutter through the ropes to the floor followed by another one in the center of the ring for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Bandido

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY (Champions) vs. Los Macizos vs. The Second Gear Crew

Ciclope sent SGC to the floor and followed that up with a tope, followed by a moonsault from Meido Extremo, and a big crossbody from Allie Katch. The champions isolated Meido in the center of the ring and started to work him over; Ciclope and Meido took the fight to BUSSY but SGC pulled the champions to the floor and brained Meido Extremo over the head with a vicious chairshot. All members of the match have retrieved some sort of weaponry which they used to inflict punishment on each other. Ciclope started to beat down SGC with a door, Meido Extremo hit Allie Katch in the ass with a cookie sheet which caused her to writhe in pain. Matthew Justice and Meido Extremo had a chair battle on the outside of the ring with neither man getting an advantage, Mance Warner and Mathew Justice were both busted open, Justice returned to the ring and Sabu’d a chair at Allie Katch’s head. SGC set up a door in the corner, they picked up another door and attempted to run through Katch with the door but EFFY made the save. Katch returned to the ring and tried to inflict bodily harm with a dangerous weapon, to wit, a knife; but her efforts were thwarted. Ciclope and Meido Extremo took control of the match-up with some tandem offense, Justice and EFFY hit Ciclope and Meido with a steel chair which gave them enough time to reverse their offensive attempt. Katch and Mance Warner faced off in the center of the ring but they were quickly cut off by Ciclope and Medio Extremo who retrieved a box of lightubes and attacked Allie Katch with a set of tubes. Katch fired back up and hit a piledriver on Meido Extremo but the pin attempt was broken up by SGC who smashed Katch with a pair of chairs. SGC set up a door bridge with lightubes in the center of the ring; EFFY went to town on Mance Warner’s back with multiple tube shots, and Katch super powerbombed Mance Warner through the door bridge with tubes for a two count. Meido powerbombed EFFY onto the broken glass as Ciclope hit a tube-assisted moonsault, followed by a 450 from Meido Extremo to pin EFFY to win the Tag Team Championships for the second time.

Los Macizos Defeated SGC and BUSSY to win the Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Masha Slamovich

I don’t think Masha Slamovich has good enough matches to warrant the co-main event spot on the card; she’s very talented but to me, her matches are lacking something. That being said she is in the ring with a master in Kevin Blackwood so this match was a change of pace for Masha. Kevin Blackwood gained control early with a waist lock takeover, Masha was able to wrestle her way out of the hold as the two engaged in some mat-based offense. Masha locked Blackwood in a submission maneuver but Blackwood was able to break out of the hold by deadlifting her and driving her into the ropes. Blackwood nailed Masha with a double stomp and followed that up with a back suplex, Masha fired back up and laid in some strikes across the chest of Kevin Blackwood but she was unable to get Blackwood off of his feet. Masha ran wild with a running knee followed by a boot to the face and a spin kick but she was only able to get a two count. Charli Evans needs to move to the United States. Masha went for a running dropkick but Blackwood was able to avoid it even after Masha dumped him on top of his head; Blackwood followed up his offense with two powerbombs but Masha was still able to kick out. The two traded backfists and slaps in the center of the ring, Blackwood hit a half-and-half suplex which Masha no sold to hit two consecutive german suplexes. Masha was unable to capitalize on her momentum as Blackwood grounded her again with a running knee and a piledriver. Masha kicked out but the crowd didn’t care as they looked on with apathetic faces eagerly waiting for the main event. Masha locked in the Death wish for the submission victory.

Masha Slamovich Defeated Kevin Blackwood

GCW World Title Match: Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. Blake Christian

Nick Gage on Commentary

Jon Moxley is currently the only double World Champion in the industry today. Black Christian went after Mox the moment the bell rang as he hit a handspring enzuigiri, followed by a massive Fosbury Flop which took out the champion on the floor. Christian attempted to come off the top rope but Moxley laid him out with a forearm shot to the face; Moxley went to town on Blake Christian’s chest with a series of strikes and punches. Christian was able to evade Mox and send him to the floor where he once again took him out with a massive dive; the two battled through the people in Nashville with Mox getting the advantage as he sent Christian through several rows of chairs on multiple sides of the ring. Blake Christian reversed the whip and sent Moxley crashing through multiple rows of chairs, Mox recovered and sent Christian into the merch stand. Mox had Blake Christian on the apron and sent Christian head first into the ring post, Blake Christian returned to the ring with a crimson mask. Moxley targeted the cut on Christian’s face with a series of punches and elbows, Mox patiently waited for Christian to get to his feet and when he did Mox sent him face first into a steel chair. Mox hit a Rickey Shane Page-like toss suplex as he continued the beat down. Mox went to the floor and retrieved a bucket full of broken glass and punched Blake Christian in the face with the shards. Moxley started to carve away at Christian’s head with a broken shard of glass, Mox grounded Blake and started to work over his legs with strikes and a steel chair. Moxley climbed to the top rope, Christian met him up there and tossed Moxley off with a suplex, Christian has a decent amount of color. The two men stood in the center of the ring and traded forearms and headbutts, Mox hit a rolling elbow but Christian kipped up and went to town on the head of the Champion. Blake Christian tried to capitalize but he was met with a stiff lariat from Mox followed by a piledriver. Mox didn’t go for a cover and instead retrieved a door from underneath the ring; Blake Christian noticed that Mox was taking too much time so he launched himself through the ropes into the door which took out Moxley. Back in the ring, Christian took the fight to Moxley with a jumping knee followed by a couple of strikes, Mox regained control and hit a series of Danielson elbows which was followed by a Singapore Cane to the throat of Blake Christian. Mox grabbed the bucket of glass and poured it across the canvas attempted a Deathrider but Christian reversed it into a standing Spanish Fly followed by a 450 but Moxley was able to kick out. Christian attempted his curb stomp but Moxley returned the favor by curb stomping Christian into the glass followed by the Deathrider onto the pile of glass for the victory.

Jon Moxley Retained the GCW World Championship