THE POST INTERVIEW: NWA Vice President David Lagana

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John Pollock chats with David Lagana following the launch of NWA “Powerrr” this past Tuesday.

The two discuss the concept of the series, what they wanted to create, how they scouted for locations and who designed the set, past talks with WWE, the heavy emphasis on interviews, the critical acclaim the debut has received, the numbers they have reached, long-term plans that Lagana and Billy Corgan have mapped out, and turning this into a profitable venture while maintaining their vision for it.

NWA Power will be released on Tuesdays at 6:05 pm ET on the NWA’s YouTube channel and on Facebook.

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Great interview!

As above!
Interesting to hear some of the thought process behind the Nwa & where it’s heading.
Always good to hear from Dave Lagana too whether it was back in the fight network days or his lost to time ‘We want wrestling’ podcast series.

Hopefully we’ll see more coverage of Pow3R on the site & if not it’s own podcast at least the guys giving their thoughts on one of the other shows.
Great job :slight_smile: