The POST - NBA Discussion Thread

Creating an NBA thread as it seemed to be a topic of interest (@mbh @Alex_Patel)

No “no spoiler” rules here.

Watching the Warriors and Rockets is like watching Okada and Naito.
The Warriors have dominated just as long as The Rainmaker and is anyone more Tranquilo than Harden? But will Harden ever actually get over the hump?


Bulls fan born and raised but they are in recovering mode, unfortunately. The Raptors really had a hell of a season this year with Kawhi and Kyle Lowry. Hopefully they’ll win the next few games against the 76ers.

Raptors fan and season seat holder here.

Have to be excited at our chances this year - no Lebron and Kawhi and Gasol in the fold. Has been a blast watching Kawhi these last few games

Celtics fan! It was a rough night lol.

Grew up going to 90s Knicks games. But after they did Ewing, Van Gundy, and Grunfeld wrong I had a hard time staying into the team even before it became a clown show. Would love to see them bounce back for the city and I guess signing max guys is the only way to do it but will never feel the same as teams led by Ewing and Starks.

Had lunch with Steph Curry at the NBA Rookie Summit in 2009 the year he and Harden and Blake got drafted. I interned for the NBA that summer and had met Steph earlier at the draft. He was so humble, so cool. Was sitting alone, I asked if I could join, he remembered me from something I did at the draft for his family and we talked playing golf with our dad’s growing up. Have been a big fan ever since and not because they are the best squad now but because of that lunch. Also hard to ignore he fact this run started with 4 guys they drafted and resurrected Iggy and Livingston. I respect that. The KD signing was just the rich getting richer but hey, that’s the NBA.

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It’s hard not to appreciate what the warriors were able to build but I honestly kinda hate having KD there. Hopefully he moves east this summer.

I’m pulling for the raptors. Pretty sure kawhi won’t be there next year, so It would be nice to see them in the finals before a possible mini rebuild.

I have high hopes they could at least give the warriors a scare in a series.

NBA is garbage…only one team has a shot every year and the supposed MVP is a flopper who sells like he’s trying to be Ricky Morton.

Also there’s no toughness anymore and the league revolves around 3 pointers.

Bring back And1

You an ignorant slob

Get a clue about the MVP before you troll. I expect better from you.

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James Harden is who I’m referring to and he is a flopper who takes Ziggler bumps after every 3 point attempt.

And I’m in very good shape…I may be gnorant, but I’m no slob…work on that

I guess I’m kind of a bandwagon fan. Never stay true to one team just true to whoever my favorite player currently is. Obviously Jordan and the Bulls growing up. David Robinson and the Spurs, Garnett and the Timberwolves/Celtics, and currently Durant and the Warriors.

Warriors I think will win in 5 against the Rockets. Rockets just aren’t as good as they were last year to me. Warriors aren’t either but they have all the winning experience behind them.

That being said I think Portland and/or Denver can knock off the Warriors. I wouldn’t bet money on it…but I would not be shocked to see it.

I can also see Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Toronto winning it all for the east. Might be like the Pistons vs Lakers when Chauncey and RIP suddenly make the supposedly dominant Lakers with Kobe and Malone come apart at the seams. I’m way excited for the playoffs especially since that pathetic first round is done.

BTW I still can’t believe the Spurs didn’t foul in game 7.

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Yeah, I know. He won’t win the MVP

Stone cold lock

I don’t see either team having a legit shot. Denver was my favorite team to watch this year but they can’t even slow the warriors down.

I’m in a pick em playoff pool with my fantasy league. Almost everyone had Denver beating SA in 7, beating OKC or Portland in 6-7, and getting swept by GS.

I hope we are wrong but it feels like they are a couple of years away.

Topless pics or none of us are buying that


Things i love about the NBA:

  • The Inside the NBA crew
  • The swish of a net
  • The squeak of a sneaker
  • The bench reacting to a monster dunk
  • A monster dunk
  • Buzzer beaters
  • LeBron James
  • Game 7’s
  • The Knicks

Things i hate about the NBA:

  • The Knicks

Bruh…I don’t solicit.


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Lifelong knicks fan here. I hate them so much but it’s all going to turn around this summer or I die

You just lost this place some patreon cash.

I hate lebron

He’s the cancer that started this whole super team nonsense. And after missing playoffs he has officially placed himself in “can’t catch MJ” territory.

It’s The Greek Freak