The POST - NBA Discussion Thread

I think fans and media who overvalue championships in judging a player and their legacy are far more to blame. This “can’t catch MJ” rhetoric influenced that Heat team being formed the same way it influenced KD joining the Warriors.

No rings and no foreseeable way of it happening on their current team? The great players get crushed for it. Some just accept their fate, some do whatever they can to get a championship and i don’t blame them one bit.

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Ding, ding, ding

So great to see you hating on basksetball as much as wrassling


I love watching Shaq, Barkey and The Jet on TNT. They’re the equivalent of the guys at Hockey NIght in Canada with Jeff Marek. Really entertaining.

Say that like I’m not the only one.

As of last week, the ratings for this playoffs are declining at WWE rates.

you see, there are 15 teams not in the playoffs so really that’s hurting us but next year we fully expect those 15 teams to be back for the season and that will help. This is unique where LeBron James is not in the playoffs but he’ll be back and then we are going to reimagine the playoffs and really we’ve been a league that’s overcome the Malace at the Palace and Donahughe scandal so I think we’ll be fine.

What regularly scheduled programming does ratings growth these days?

It’s also a function of no LBJ this year. He should be back next year

Give me NHL over NBA…an actual league with parity…

Yup agree. NHL > NBA. But the Leafs are out so go raps!



Let’s hear some evidence that there isn’t parity in the NBA. What teams have an advantage? Big market teams like the NYK or nets?

It’s not perfect but it’s really not bad these days if your team isn’t run by a dummy.

I think he means super teams

You had the same NBA finals for like 4 years in a row.

Think about that for a minute. Same finals. For 4 straight years.

Obviously one could argue the whole regular season and playoffs are useless when it’s he same two teams for 4 years

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Rockets were a legit threat last year. Took GS to a game 7. It’s not true that the playoffs were useless. Maybe we would have had a different champ if Paul didn’t get injured.

I’d also argue the Cavs weren’t a super team and LeBron is just the second greatest player of all time.

I suppose I think of parity differently. Like baseball is a sport without parity. The NBA has a salary cap.

Look at the small market teams making the playoffs this year.

I do understand why people don’t love KD going to the warriors. That was an insanely weird situation with the cap spike and curry taking a smaller deal earlier in his career. Honestly, I’m not that into it. I wish he would have stayed with OKC after how close they were that last year.

I’m also not sure that having dynastic teams is even a negative for a lot of fans. Ratings for the warriors are always positive.

When KD comes to New York, we will have the following:
LeBron in LA
KD in NY
Curry in San Fran
Harden in Houston
Kyrie in Boston
Westbrook/George in OKC
Giannis in MIL
Olidipo in IND
Kawaih in TOR or Clips
Luka in DAL
Embiid/Simmons in Philly
Dame in POR

That’s actually a pretty remarkable setup for one big star / MVP candidate in a City. Everyone then has to build up around that star. No super teams anymore


Kyrie could be on the move.

Where does Davis end up? Clips, Boston, other?

Guys let’s not write off Kyrie staying in Boston yet.

Please. For my health.

Basketball is my least favorite of the big 5 sports, but nothing in the NBA will ever beat this moment…


I love that man

I strongly dislike Kyrie. Good thing he already won a title with Lebron because he’s slowly turning into the next Carmelo Anthony. Can’t deny the skill but seems to just bring useless drama with him.

That’s Anthony Davis for me.
It’s not just Kyrie that’s got drama in Boston. And he’s won.

Davis is a generational talent who gets influenced by others and hasn’t done shit to date in the NBA.

I think the argument is that Kyrie is also weird and eccentric. He thinks the world is flat doesn’t he? He’s just generally unlikeable

AD just has bad handlers around him. He’s otherwise great. Not sure I would label him a generational talent until he wins something though

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