The POST -- NHL Discussion Thread


I don’t see why they didn’t just have a tournament where the top 16 make it. This 24-team thing is way too complicated and unnecessary

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I’ll be rooting for the Montreal Canadiens!

All because of their logo!

You see, I’m not all excited by the game more than I am for logo art.

But I do like to play floor hockey in the Y when I was a teenager.

I’ll take all the hockey I can get right now.


I live in the US. I’m a very causal hockey viewer. I have enjoyed the atmosphere of playoff hockey so I’ll be curious when/if they get back to playing.

Looks like there’s still a few things to be worked out, and could all be wiped out in the second wave. But, as long as the health of everyone involved is of extreme importance, then I will be hoping to see some hockey

If it gets the Rangers a Stanley Cup again finally, I’ll take it. #1994

It seems like they prefer to cram everything in.

I’m pretty sure the expanded playoff format this year is also to do with how tight some playoff races were. So, if they were to forgo any chance of teams being screwed out of a spot, (the panthers only being behind by about 3 points to the leafs for example) the league just decided to do this format instead.

It’ll be interesting to see what a 2 month break does to the teams. Some may be refreshed and have stars coming back from injury. But many could be rusty making the entire thing very unpredictable.

I’m looking forward to it though. Go Dallas Stars!

Feeling excited right now as a hockey fan. Now at phase 3 and getting close to a return to play. Good luck to all NHL staff & players with phase 3 training camp return. Be healthy and stay safe as everyone works toward the resumption of play.

Im a Wings fan, so nothing about the NHL coming back is appealing to me hahah

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Let’s Go Blackhawks.

OK New York Rangers, it’s about that time of year again for you to break my heart. Let’s have it.

Gonna be interesting.


Rooting for my hometown team, The Winnipeg Jets. Before the pause, we had a thing going, Hellebyuck was going strong, if our defense improved, it would’ve been interesting…and still might be.

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NHL and NBA are totally doing a better job than MLB.

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Playing that Chelsea Dagger right now!! Let’s go Hawks!

I’ve been enjoying a lot of the games that I’ve had the chance to watch.

That Muzzin injury though was one of the stranger sights this year.


Dude that frightened me… It’s good that he is going to recover.

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