The POST -- NHL Discussion Thread

Enjoy being swept by Florida!

Vegas is gone… good riddance. Dallas is the real deal.

Go Stars!

That’s all I really have to say. I’m impressed they made it to the second round. I thought there was a good chance they wouldn’t be able to recover after being down 0-2 to the Knights at home.

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So much for that panthers sweep. They lost 5-1 but must’ve out shot and out played boston the whole way. :rofl::joy:


The NHL is on hiatus until next season as far as I am concerned. Excited to see the boys on the golf course

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Another year without a Stanley Cup winner. If hockey wasn’t out to get them, we could have nice things.

Too bad the Leafs suck.

See you in October, @Alex_Patel



Good. Fuck Edmonton. I’m from Calgary, so by birth right, I cannot support the Oilers and firmly believe they can eat shit, die, and go golfing with the Leafs. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Someone needs to get 97 out of that town. Lol.

Oh my goodness… Rangers, coming back in the 3rd period!!! What an incredible win to the next round.

LETS GO STARS! Insane double overtime win to get to the conference finals. The Stars perhaps aren’t the most talented team but they have shown the veteran talent has a ton of resilience and persistence.

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Congrats to the Bruins for not getting swept. Big achievement to win two games in the second round :clap:

Not sure how many of you watched TSN over the years, but as someone who grew up on it, Dutch was a staple. So sad and so young. RIP.


From Bouchard to McDavid for the OT win!!! This is gonna be a fun series! Keep going Oilers!

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That was a tough game to lose as a Stars fan. They came so close to scoring on a couple of different shots during the power play at the beginning of the first overtime.

Both teams seem pretty evenly matched though. It seems like this could easily go 7 games with multiple overtimes. Fun times to be a hockey fan but exhausting being a fan of one of the teams.

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Rangers are probably the scariest team to deal with in OT throughout these playoffs.

I haven’t been watching AEW or WWE the past few days with both Dallas teams being in their conference finals I’ve been glued to sports. Amazing win last night by the Mavs to go up 3-0.

And then tonight for the Stars to come back from being down two goals to none to win on the road was incredible.

If I’m an Oilers fan I never want to see the goalie pulled from the goal again.


Time to dust this bad boy off. I am so excited to see what Big Time Connor will do in the finals. So much love to Hyman and Nuge for their spectacular plays this series as well. This is gonna be fun to watch what this team can do against Florida.

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I will not like this post @jallonar4040. I can’t. :laughing:

Forever 403, Never 780. My Southern Alberta roots will never let me root for the Oilers. FLA all day :smirk_cat:. Chucky and Bennett over McJesus (who could single-handedly win this series while currently in God mode).

Sorry @RaceyJaycee! :rofl:


Dammit, Oilers. What is going on? Leon with the penalty, Bouch with the blow by for the goal. He’s been having a horrendous 3rd period. Nurse out of the game. Bobrovsky is just too powerful on the net as well. Ugh, it’s gonna be a hike going back to Edmonton.