The POST -- NHL Discussion Thread

@jallonar4040 Hmmm….not sure. But it seems like the good guys are up 2-0. :laughing::laughing:

Edit: check out this new jersey being modelled by the haggard old man that I just ordered! Go FLA! :laughing:

From a storytelling perspective, this is turning into one of the best finals of my life time! Game 7, here we go!

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Is TK booking these finals? This is never-ending! lol

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97 is the greatest player of all time.

And I’ll be taking a long walk off a short pier when he wins Game 7 for the stinking Oilers.

My loyalty to Southern Alberta aside, wonderful storytelling.

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Connor McDavid has a chance to become a legend, to put his name with Gretzky, Orr and Lemieux on hockey’s Mount Rushmore.

Florida has a chance to win their first championship, and cement the state of Florida as the new Mecca of hockey.

Paul Maurice has a chance to beat the “choker” allegations, and win his first title in a storied career.

Chris Knoblauch has a chance to become the best mid-season coaching hire ever, and potentially end the coaching carousel that sees the same 5 people get every job offer in the NHL.

Stuart Skinner has a chance to become seen as Canada’s best goalie, right as international hockey is about to return.

Sergei Bobrovsky has a chance to stamp his ticket for the hall of fame.

Happy Oilers / Panthers Game 7 night. It’s now all or nothing.

Man… what a game, what a series. Took so much heart to handle losing 3 in a row and come back and win this game. Oilers worked so hard, offense played great, the only difference was Bobrovsky was just better. Congrats, Florida.

And after the seventh game, all was right in the world. And she was relieved not to take the anticipated long walk off a short pier. Thankfully, she and her fellow Southern Albertans (current and former) can rest easily until the world turns cold again thanks to cats. :heart_eyes_cat:.

Florida did an incredible job of limiting McDavid’s ability to get going and EDM’s high-quality chances in the third - and EDM still had a lot of chances, with McDavid fighting swarming triple coverage for the entire third period. Good for Paul Maurice - he’s always been a really good coach and this is a well-earned Championship.

See you in October, NHL Discussion Thread. :kissing_heart:

Edit: He was ours first and was hated for wanting out but left in the best manner possible for the franchise (Huberdeau contract aside, that’s a Treeliving/ownership issue). But he will always be a legend in YYC for this (Thanks, Chucky!):