the POST Wrestling 2020 Prediction Contest: Royal Rumble

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
…at long last I can present the results of Chapter 3 of the POST Wrestling Forum 2020 Prediction Contest: Royal Rumble (apologies for the delay, it was a bit harder to tabulate and I have been traveling)…

Congratulations to @Josh_Gallie who wins Chapter 3: Royal Rumble with a total of 30 points (out of a possible 32 points). Highlighting his victory were his picks for the Men’s & Women’s Rumble where he captured 17 out of a possible 18 points. He also went 6/6 in Matches and correctly picked the number of NXT entrants (14). Only 3/22 entrants guessed the correct # of NXT entrants. Some other interesting notes:

  • all entrants predicted the Mens Rumble to go on last; only 1 person thought the Womens Rumble would last longer.
  • 77% of us predicted somebody would last Over 47.5 minutes in either rumble - this was incorrect (Drew McIntyre lasted 34:11 and Bianca Belair lasted 33:20)
  • Only 36% of us predicted somebody would eliminate Over 9.5 eliminations which was correct - Brock eliminated 13.
  • Excluding the two Rumbles, there were 6 matches to be picked - 6 entrants were 100%,

The rest of the individual results were as follows:

The new season long point leaders is Chapter 3 winner @Josh_Gallie, followed closely by @RedRaider07 and a tie for 3rd between @EL84 @Ventak and @Roger_D_Almon
The new season long standings look like this:


Tot Points reflects additional points for guessing championship matches, and bonus questions
Tot Correct is based on only matches and no additional bonus questions (for example: there were 6 matches to be picked but a total of 30 points available for Royal Rumble);
I am open to suggestions as to how to use these different metrics to better make the contest competitive as we get further into the “season” and not every entrant has the same totals avail; Total % correct is based on correct picks in contests you have entered)