the POST Wrestling 2020 Prediction Contest: Wrestle Kingdom 14

The results are in:

There were a total of 30 points available across the two nights. Based on available points:

There were 17 Matches to be picked across the two nights. Based on those 17 matches here is standings based on Correct Pick %

Congrats to @RedRaider07 for leading in points earned with 23/30, and @EL84 for leading in correct picks with 12/17

Some fun notes from our predictions:

  • Nobody picked Team Taguchi to win the Night 1 Liger Match - by far the match most people picked wrong!!
  • All but one person picked Naito to beat Jay White
  • All but one person picked Takahashi & Lee to win the Night 2 Liger Match
  • 2 people believed Ibushi would walk out of Night 2 as Double Champ; everyone else (90%) believed it would be Naito; nobody picked Okada
  • The closest match in terms of picks on both sides was ZSJ vs. Sanada (10-9)
  • over 68% of picks in Jericho v. Tanahashi were for Tanahashi.
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