the POST Wrestling 2020 Prediction Contest: Wrestle Kingdom 14

The results are in:

There were a total of 30 points available across the two nights. Based on available points:

There were 17 Matches to be picked across the two nights. Based on those 17 matches here is standings based on Correct Pick %

Congrats to @RedRaider07 for leading in points earned with 23/30, and @EL84 for leading in correct picks with 12/17

Some fun notes from our predictions:

  • Nobody picked Team Taguchi to win the Night 1 Liger Match - by far the match most people picked wrong!!
  • All but one person picked Naito to beat Jay White
  • All but one person picked Takahashi & Lee to win the Night 2 Liger Match
  • 2 people believed Ibushi would walk out of Night 2 as Double Champ; everyone else (90%) believed it would be Naito; nobody picked Okada
  • The closest match in terms of picks on both sides was ZSJ vs. Sanada (10-9)
  • over 68% of picks in Jericho v. Tanahashi were for Tanahashi.
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My prediction came true and I did terribly

Thanks for tallying!

The ZSJ win and the Mox besting Juice were surprises. A lot of the ones people got wrong were those multiman matches where you could flip a coin bc it didn’t matter who won or lost.

I am finally in the lead! I should have given up posting the prediction threads a long time ago if I knew it meant I would make better predictions.

@Rated_R_Poster you are going down!


It’s alright, I see a Moxley like start for you, start strong, but fail down the stretch. I’m going on an Ibushi or Jay White run and come on strong down the finish.

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Uhhh those guys wound up playing for third.

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This is the G1 of Post Wrestling though and they were in the finals. I’ve already won at our version of Wrestle Kingdom(fantasy football.)

I’m thinking of going for our version of the New Japan Cup later this year, when I win the Christmas Jingle contest.

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Legit made me laugh

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