The POST Wrestling Christmas Show 2018

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Welcome to the annual POST Wrestling CHRISTMAS SHOW with John Pollock and Wai Ting.

In their largest show ever, John and Wai reflect on the launch of POST Wrestling one year ago welcoming many guests to discuss 2018 including:

Dan Lovranski, Braden Herrington, Davie Portman, John Ramdeen, Robin Black, Scrump, Tom Lawlor, Brian Mann, Nate Milton, Marc Raimondi, Benno, Oli Court, Martin Bushby, PCO, Damian Abraham, WH Park, Chris Charlton and Dave Meltzer.


Plus, the annual POST Wrestling Christmas Jingle Contest goes down with plenty of controversy coming out of this year’s version. (Click here to vote after listening to each entry)

Sit back and enjoy the POST Wrestling Christmas Show!

Opening theme: “POST Wrestling Christmas” by Pierce Lancaster
Closing theme: “Santa Waiby” by Stephen and Charlotte Gutteridge

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Congrats on 1 year guys. It was a great one.


5 and a half hours. Holy crap.


Happy anniversary! I remember subscribing last christmas when you started. Glad we get to vote for jingles this year (and we have three days). Merry xmas to both of you and all your families!

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Listening to it now. About an hour in. Anyone know if Jason Agnew is on it?

Only just started but I very much doubt it.

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This :clap: is :clap: Podcasting

Seriously, 5+ hours. It’s almost as if length equals stars in this world.

Congrats on 1 year! I have been very proud to support you guys and be part of this group. Happy holidays to all!


Every year this Christmas show gets better and affirms that John and Wai are the best at what they do. They deserve my money, my archiving and my love. Awesome amazing show guys and all the best in 2019. Maybe next year I can win the mixed stats challenge and enter the Post Wrestling rumble. :grin:


As someone who is working tonight till 5pm (gmt) on xmas day, 5 and a half hours is a very welcome sight.

Thank you.

Happy Xmas


POST Wrestling might just be the best wrestling coverage in the game today

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I hope @johnpollock & @wai0937 have an understanding of what a critical part of Christmas they’ve become for some people. I don’t have any family, and I can’t stand the awkwardness of tagging along to my friends’ family Christmas things, so Christmas is a day that I endure with my dog and with our own little rituals. John & Wai’s annual show has become a really important part of that ritual as I spend my day at the beach (summer Christmas in Australia :sunglasses: ) and cooking, pretending it’s not a miserable day.

And over 5 hours this year? That was something else guys, thank you - it made for a day where I didn’t feel at all lonely. And how good was PCO? I love wrestlers like that, super humble, and completely understands that the way wrestlers need to promote themselves, their work and their company/ies has changed since the 80s and 90s.

I don’t usually bother with new years resolutions, but I’m making one for 2019 to become more financially responsible. I don’t honestly listen to POST as much as I did 6 months ago (WWE’s fault, not yours!) - but if and when I can better manage money, I really want to become a patreon, if only to support how much you both give me every Christmas :kissing_heart:


Another solid show this year. Always a welcome treat for those of us who have to suffer at work on Christmas. Thanks for all that you do guys. I can’t say it enough times.


For the longest time this was my tradition while at family in Florida. I listened to the first few years right on the beach. This year I listened down by the east river in NYC. It’s a Christmas season tradition I have despite not celebrating Christmas, and I appreciate the heck out of it.


What a good show. A Royal Rumble of guests with a few surprises along the way. Looking forward to 2019. Cheers guys.