The POST Wrestling Christmas Show 2019

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It’s the annual POST Wrestling Christmas Show hosted by John Pollock & Wai Ting.

Tune in as John & Wai are joined by numerous surprise guests with a new format this year.

Plus, the annual POST Wrestling Jingle Contest & much more on this special edition!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from everyone at POST Wrestling.

Opening theme: “Santa Waiby” by Stephen and Charlotte Gutteridge

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My favourite 4+ hour listening experience of the year…


Was disappointed at getting rid of the Rumble format and then popped huge at the Lethal Lottery format. This is going to be a fantastic show.


Merry Christmas everybody!

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I look forward to this show every year! Thanks for all that you do! You guys are still my favorite podcast, and I listen to a lot of wrestling podcasts! Happy Holidays, and safe travels to Japan!


God knows when I’ll find the time to listen to this properly but something to look forward to. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you all. Have a good one!

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Congrats to Braxton Witherspoon and the Smart Marks!


Does anyone else want a transcript of John and Wai’s text? Sounds remarkably boring and yet I couldn’t be more fascinated.

I’m about 2:30 in and it’s been everything I could hope for!

R-Man-Neal absolutely crushed the opening.

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Great pod

I liked the lethal lottery change but I really miss the rumble .

Cheers to all involved - kept me company while I cooked Christmas dinner, washed the dishes after, and while cleaning up on boxing day.

So not only did I have a fantastic 4 hours of listening - but I looked like a great husband too!

Thanks guys. My first Xmas off in 13 years and I caught the norovirus, so a 4 1/2 hour podcast helped to get me through a horrific 48+hours.

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I’m away from home this Christmas so I haven’t been able to listen to the 4 hour show but did check out the jingle contest. I’m happy the guys enjoyed my song and congrats to brother Nate on the win!


Feel like I could listen to Damien and Mouth do a special episode of Smoke a Wai.


Geez… downgraded from my usual 2x speed to regular for the jingle contest and man, @johnpollock & @wai0937 sound like they’re on ambien, how slow they’re talking right now. :smiley:

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Mouth and Damien present: Review-A-Vape

I am fully behind Nate and Jesse doing the 2020 Election Reviews

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Loved the show and loved the representation of 2 African Americans, a host in Japan, hosts in the UK not to sound critical but it is a little jaring the underrepresentation of a woman, I said this a few weeks ago in one of the AEW threads you don’t have to force the subject but if there is a qualified woman in the wrestling bubble it would be nice to hear their perspective in how women are portrayed. Again I’m black and was glad Nate pointed out during the Kofi mania build how Byron was the voice of Kofi’s journey. It would be nice to hear a woman’s feelings on how Becky/Ronda/Charlotte went from historic Main event to catfights and calling each other bitches


Just finished listening and I totally relate to John’s introverted nature. If I’m somewhere I’m comfortable among people I know I am very social, put me at a party with a bunch of people I don’t know well and I’m counting the seconds until I can leave.


Honestly, I think there is a growing amount of female wrestling fans but the amount of female fans who like pro wrestling enough to come on a podcast and talk about it regularly is extremely small. We’re talking to the point that if some listener data came out on some of these big pro wrestling podcasts it would not shock me if the female audience was under 2 or 3 percent. Most females I know (including my current GF) do not care for pro wrestling. The few females I do see in attendance at wrestling events seem to be there because their significant other likes wrestling.