The Revival

Seriously not only in 2019 is this pathetic,it hurt the Usos more than the top guys.Jimmy and Jay came across as small minded homophobes because a man shaved another man’s back.
Only one person in the company wrote this segment and found it amusing,Vince is so out of touch it is ridiculous.
Anyway Balor club for everyone.

EDIT: I changed your title – Wai

I didn’t find it homophobic. It was very backhair-phobic tho.

I wouldn’t be surprise if this was a bruce prichard joke since him and conrad did tell that joke a million times on their podcast.

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If the rumors of The Revival turning down a big contract are true, I saw this mostly as WWE trying to instill fear in their talent and setting an example. If you want to leave or turn down our offer, this is what might happen to you. You’ll be embarrassed on TV.

Here’s the thing - it’s just not funny.

If anything it makes the Usos look like heels or weird for walking in and filming two guys in the shower.

You can offer guys money but giving them shitty creative like this makes the money meaningless. Revival has been booked terribly ever since being called up, so it makes perfect sense why they have low interest in staying. This will be happening more as WWE has too many people on the roster and have no idea what to do with them. Competition becomes more attractive.


The Revival is easily in the Top 3 best tag team in the world for me. They have had a lot of garbage thrown at them. They don’t deserve more money, that’s not the point, they deserve more time in the ring and better storylines.


It’s nothing that every guy in that locker room hasn’t already done with a travelling partner.

Audience were laughing at it and started a chant as a result…so it worked…can’t really project your own subjective tastes on this when the skit actually worked.

And lol need more ring time instead of a payraise…

If you ask me do you want to be in a shitty workplace where you 're treated badly but you earn a lot of money vs a very friendly workplace where you are valued but you earn less, I will always choose the latter. I think that’s what the Revival mean.

Earning less…yeah that’ll really help out in retirement.

And their treatment is based off nothing more than TV skits and a won/loss record…get off the sheets and enter the real world.

But at the same time, they did sign a contract with WWE, they knew what they were getting into when they signed and it’S not like WWE didn’T give them chance after chance to be the face of the tag division only to have those plans derailed because of one of the members getting injured in a program. After a while, they kinda just move on and give that spot to somebody else. You look at Wade Barrett for example, here a guy that WWE was really high on, they were planning on pushing him to the top as the main heel and give him a long wwe title run. But each and everytime they start something with him, he would get injured and they had to reworked their plans. Same thing happened with Mr. Kennedy and same thing is happening to the revival. WWE lost faith in them because they weren’t sure if a freak accident would happened mid feud. Now they are slowly getting behind them with a short title reign and now a feud with the uso, it’s on them to prove to management that they deserve to be in the top position of the tag division and get more TV time, WWE doesn’t owe them anything, they sign a contract and should respect the contract until it’s over, that’s life, you don’t always get what you want in life and sometimes you need to go through some rough patch before being happy again.

Vince just doesn’t care about tag team wrestling, never has and never will.

Look at RAW - for some reason Ryder and Hawkins have the belts, War Machine has had a billion different names and are heels for some reason and The Revival and Usos are feuding over back hair.

And now the women’s tag belts are a joke also and held by two people who never win matches.

Yeah, prove you deserve to be in a top position by shaving each other’s backs in the shower.

Sometimes you need to play the game and proves you don’t mind doing anything to get a push in wwe. If they proves they are team players they will get more opportunities

Chris Jericho and Christian were “naked” and had “ass cream” on live TV…they totally hever recovered from that right?


Not sure about it being homophobic but it did make The Revival look like jokes and made The Usos look like pranksters rather than the whole thug life gimmick they were doing on SmackDown. Both teams came out of it poorly.

Last time i looked Jericho was in a pissant promotion

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I’m pretty sure Christian was forced to go to TNA for three years as punishment

It’s almost like it doesn’t matter what happens to a performer…if they’re good, they’ll get what over they are handed over…almost like people don’t think anyone in rasslin can get anything over anymore…like maybe although they keep saying “never this much talent in history” and yet act like no one can recover from something they deem “bad” like maybe they’re not…funny how that works.

With the current writing staff, it’s not a given that talent can get over. We have seen them screw up so many angles and characters that the lack of faith in the creative process is founded. Just look at how badly they screwed up the Dean Ambrose character for proof. Or Bray Wyatt. Or Nakamura. Or Bayley. Or… well you get the idea.


Yes, because Dash Wilder and Chris Jericho were at the exact same positions when forced to do Vince’s brand of comedy.

The Revival have never had the chance to be taken seriously, hence why they’re hoping to leave.

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