The Rock & Roman Reigns def. Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania XL

Originally published at The Rock & Roman Reigns def. Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania XL

Rhodes takes the pin. 

For 40 minutes, the main event of WrestleMania XL night one ran its course. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns bested Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. 

The conclusion of the bout saw Reigns take Rhodes down with a spear. Instead of pinning Rhodes, he tagged The Rock in to finish Rhodes off with a Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow for the victory. 

Throughout the match, Rollins’ knee was targeted and he’s going into a title defense against Drew McIntyre on night two. 

With the loss, when Cody takes on Reigns for the Undisputed Title on night two, it’ll be contested under Bloodline Rules.

Horrible match. Maybe the worst “main event” in WM history. Crowd was completely dead and everything was soooooooo slowwwww

Wow really. What a shame I was looking forward to a fun match this evening (on catchup).

You have 2 of the best workers out there with 2 slow coaches fair enough. How has Roman been allowed to main event for so many years.

I thought it was fantastic personally.


It was freaking 45 minutes, second longest WM match of all time. Come on!

I hated that match HHH’s biggest flaw as a performer is that he thought big matches had to be long. Seems like that’s his biggest flaw as a booker as well.


So I was out last night and got home in time to see the main event. So i hadn’t sat through a long show. But starting the match fresh and in a vacuum I thought the match was Fantastic!

It may have been long but I never checked my watch once. I didn’t think it dragged. There was so much action they needed to use split screen. And played out telling a great story of Rock abusing his power. Seth and Cody answered the questions going into the match and worked great together. Roman did his part but Rock overdelivered putting on a great performance for a 52 year old.

My impression was that the crowd was loud and engaged in the match considering it’s an open-air stadium and it was like 45 degrees.

Looking forward to hopefully finishing the story tonight!


It was a slow and plodding match. Rock looked like a guy who hadn’t wrestled in years. And to top it off it was 45 minutes in front of a mostly quiet crowd.

WWE main event style obviously isn’t for me but I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to go back and watch that again. Should have been 25 minutes tops

I watched it again this morning. It started slow but it was great. And rock is a guy who hasnt wrestled in years. He was never a top worker. What did you expect HBK from 2002? Come on


So why book him in a 45-minute match?

It’s the same crap HHH did in NXT with the Gargano, Ciampa and Cole “epic” slogfests. No need to go that long with such plodding action

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To each his own. I liked those Gargano vs Cole matches. Looking around online today I think the general reaction is a very positive one to night 1 and the main event.

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Really? Its got 6.70 on cagematch. No ones been very positive on here, John and Wai where “meh” about most of it.

Hope tonight’s more interesting for those of you that are gonna do another slog

Based on the lineups, I still think Night 1 should have been the better show. But Night 2 could be good. Seth/Drew may end up being more of an angle than a match after last night, especially Damien Priest also lurking. The six man is probably a piss break, but every other match will at least be fine. I think we’re all prepared at this point for the main event to be too long, but it’s all about the last five minutes.

I am not sure if I’m mentally prepared for another four hours, but I expect a solid show nonetheless. I’d prefer better than “solid” for a Mania, but there will be good wrestling on TV tonight. Sign me up.