The Rocky Maivia Picture show


I vowed a long time ago never to watch the Scorpion King ever again, and yet, I just finished listening to the impact review and immediately recorded it so that I have it fresh in the memory for Nate’s new podcast. I can see me going against similar vows I made, about a lot of The Rocks movies to either never watch again, or never watch at all in the coming weeks.

A very welcome announcement. Looking forward to it, and hearing from Nate and Brian next week.




Cant wait. Always need more of Brother Nate


Looking forward to subscribing to this and following along. I’m already on board for this based on the title.


What great news


Very happy to hear about this. I certainly haven’t seen all of Rocky’s oeuvre, but I have a suspicion that Brother Nate’s catholic approach to pop culture will serve him well as he makes his way through it.


Tremendous idea for a podcast. Haven’t seen anything like it. It’s like podcasting someone’s IMDB. Brilliant! Can’t wait


I am a little dissapointed since I am not a movie person. I thought the show was going to be about wcw and that he was going to mention Sting as the man that makes him happy.

But if you are a movie person then at least you get to hear the awesome Brother Nate.


Looking forward to hear good ol brother Nate some more