The Sasha vs Bayley Saga, Week by Week

Here is the ridiculous recap of mine that was mentioned on Rewind-A-Smackdown. Thanks for anyone that takes time out of their day to look back on this crazy feud.

The Sasha vs Bayley Saga

1/28/18 - Women’s Royal Rumble match
Sasha eliminates Bayley after entering #1 (Thanks Rated_R_Poster for reminding me)
1/29/18 – Sasha has great match with Asuka which she loses.
2/5/18 – Sasha believes she can beat Asuka, but Bayley boasts she has beaten Sasha before, which mean she can beat Asuka too.
Bayley has a match with Asuka and loses, but Asuka shakes her hand afterwards which she did not do to Sasha.
2/12/18 – Bayley and Sasha snipe back and forth and Kurt Angle makes a match between the two.
Bayley got the win. After the match they stare at each other before Nia Jax interrupts and destroys both of them.
2/19/18 – Bayley and Sasha team with Mickie in a 6 woman tag with all Chamber participants.
2/25/18 – Elimination chamber match and Sasha and Bayley’s Lion King moment.
2/26/18 – Another 6 woman tag with them on a team. Initially seem to be getting along once the match started Sasha clearly wanted the win for herself, but eventually conceded and went to tag Bayley who hopped off the apron.
Sasha tags Asuka in and Bayley does aid Asuka. Ends with Sasha staring daggers at Bayley.
3/5/18 – Bayley has a match against Mandy Rose w/ Absolution at ringside.
Bayley overcomes the odds and wins but gets beat down after the match.
Sasha runs them off and helps Bayley to her feet, but Bayley refuses to give her a hug!
3/12/18 – Sasha versus Sonya Deville w/ Bayley and Absolution at ringside. Bayley does help Sasha during the match, but leaves after Sasha picks up the win allowing her to be beatdown by Absolution.
3/19/18 – Sasha decides to forgive Bayley, because she is the bigger person. gasp
The Hug gangster clearly does not believe the Boss’ words and responds.
Bayley states that she didn’t mind what Sasha did during the Chamber match, but rather how much she seemed to enjoy.
They are interrupted by Absolution and a tag match starts.
Sasha accidentally distracts the ref from counting what would have been the winning pin by Bayley.
Bayley is pushed in Sasha, who is on the apron, knocking her off leading to Bayley getting pinned and losing the match.
3/26/18 – Sasha and Bayley become the first 2 women to declare themselves in the Wrestlemania Andre the Tiny Moolah Fabulous trophy battle royale.
Bayley and Sasha argue back and forth, Bayley claiming that Sasha always took advantage of her and Sasha made no apologies for her me first mentality.
Bayley finally hits a nerve when she says “Even though Banks was a 4 time champion, she never held it for that long.”
Which led to Sasha throwing Bayley into lockers and the two fighting before being pulled apart by refs.
4/2/18 – Bayley vs Sonya Deville w/ Absolution at ringside. Bayley wins, but gets beatdown after the match.
Sasha comes down for the save and then aggressively demands that Bayley allow her to raise her hand. Bayley refuses and the two brawl again.
Absolution takes advantage of them fighting one another and takes both women out.
4/8/18 – WM Battle Royale, Bayley eliminates Sasha to win! Or not. Have Naomi win and then Banks and Bayley both wallow in defeat outside while Naomi hugs bronze ovaries.
4/9/18 – Sasha vs Mandy Rose w/ Absolution at ringside (Paige announces her retirement on this episode)
Bayley makes her entrance right before the match starts.
Mandy Rose goads Bayley into taking a swing and she accidentally hits Sasha instead who goes on to lose.
4/16/18 – First day of Superstar shakeup.
Bayley vs Sasha #2 gets interrupted by the debuting on Raw Riott Squad, and are beatdown.
4/23/18 – 5 on 5 women’s tag w/ Bayley and Sasha on the same team. Rousey eventually comes out and causes a DQ loss for the two. No real significant interaction between them.
4/30/18 – Sasha can’t get a hold of Bayley and has to go into her match tonight without her.
Sasha vs Ruby Riott w/ the Riott Squad at ringside (I’m sensing a pattern here)
Sasha ends up losing thanks to the numbers game, while Bayley was shown backstage watching the match, but not going out to help.
5/7/18 – MITB Qualifying match Sasha vs Ruby Riott vs Ember Moon w/ Riott Squad and Bayley at ringside
Bayley attempts to help and fight off the other members of the Riott Squad, but Ember Moon ends up taking the victory
5/14/18 – MITB qualifying match Bayley vs Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James
Alexa wins
No interaction between the two
5/21/18 – The breathtaking Emmy worth segment that was Bobby Lashley’s sisters occurred.
Neither Sasha or Bayley was on this episode.
5/28/18 – MITB qualifying gauntlet match
Bayley starts at number 1 and between both Liv Morgan at 2 and Sarah Logan at 3, before being down by both allowing Ruby Riott at 4 to pick up the easy win.
Sasha comes in last and is able to beat a very game Ruby Riott who had already eliminated Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Mickie James, qualifying for the last spot in the MITB match.
6/4/18 – The Riott Squad vs Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, and Ember Moon.
Alexa fakes an injury causing Bayley to run down and take her place on Sasha’s team.
Bayley gets the win but Corbin got Angle to overrule it since she wasn’t legally in the match. Ruining what was a near moment of reconciliation between the two.
6/11/18 – Bayley gets an R painted on her chest in lipstick by the Riott Squad after getting beatdown.
Sasha competed in a fatal four way with the other MITB Raw contenders.
No interaction between the two.
6/17/18 – MITB match Sasha loses
Bayley not on the show, so no interaction.
My life feels very tedious right now
6/18/18 – Sasha & Bayley vs Liv Logan & Sarah Morgan
Liv pins Sasha with a handful of tights, Sasha gets upset and pushes Bayley to the ground.
Bayley follows Sasha backstage and attempts to confront her, but Sasha ignored her pleas leading to another brawl between the two.
Bayley tries to talk to Sasha once again, but Sasha again wouldn’t listen and drives off. Bayley throwing a water bottle after the car in a futile gesture
It really is starting to sounds like a romantic comedy at this point.
6/25/18 – Angle says that the two are really important to Raw so he is giving them one more chance in a 3 on 3 tag match.
From the start they work very reluctantly together, and after Sasha is pinned Bayley goes wild and beats the crap out of Sasha.
Which leads to Angle ordering the two into mandatory counseling or lose their job.
7/2/18 – Both Sasha and Bayley were unaware that their session was going to be together.
Honesty theatre… I just don’t know what to say
This was horrible
7/9/18 – Second week of counseling
Bayley continues on about how Sasha has stabbed her in the back and we as viewers continue to tune out
Cole claims that the report will not be favorable for one them
7/16/18 – Kurt threatens to trade one of them to Smackdown if they can’t coexist in a tag match… Again
Sasha & Bayley vs Alicia & Dana
Sasha get them DQ’ed
Sasha says that only she gets to beat Bayley up and that she loves how she always cares, but that it is hard for her to be as open about her emotions as Bayley, leading to an emotional declaration of love.


That represents how much WWE don’t know where they are going with some of their feuds and how much they make things up as they go along. A lot of last minute decisions and changes. If you look at all the segments in order, in the end, it doesn’t make any sense.

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It feels all the more frustrating because there is honestly some good ideas mixed in with the stupidity that could work really well if given a little more focus. I noticed rewatching segments that in theory, sometimes what was happening between the two was interesting, but the commentary team did no help telling any coherent story through their voices.

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To be honest, this actually reads like a pretty good slow burn of a “friendship breakup” feud. If you can get past the Absolution stuff repeating itself with the Riott Squad, it paints the picture of two women who are so focused on being the better person, that they forget about everything else going on in their division. As much as they try to move back to the ME picture, one of them is always there to hold back the other, or at the very least get in their way of something bigger. It does get a little messy after MITB, but with the “I love you” reveal, I can see this going one of three ways:

#1: WWE tries to pull off a “coming out of the closet” story line, and fails. I have this first because given WWE’s track record, I’m sure they would try something like this. I really hope they don’t go this route. It probably would not end well. However, it is also possible that they treat the angle with the respect it commands, and they do pull it off. I just believe that the likelihood of that is not high.

#2: The love is a deep friendship type of love, and both women make up, forming a stronger bond. Maybe even a tag team. Possibly for a new women’s tag division? They are going to have 50 women taking part at the Evolution PPV in October. This option, to me, seems more likely with the announcement of that all-women PPV. Although I’m not sure if a womens tag division is on their to do list at the moment.

#3. It’s a psychotic type of “love” that drives Sasha mad, leading her to turn heel and become obsessed with Bayley, in the worst way possible. Sort of along the lines of the Trish/Mickie story line a while ago, but made more intense because of the relationship Sasha and Bayley had before this feud.

I would like to see how scenario #3 plays out, but I think scenario #2 makes the most sense, given everything that is happening in the company.

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Excellent work my friend. I’m glad this forum doesn’t have a character limit for posts.

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Thanks, I knew it was getting a bit crazy when I was nearing 1000+ words.

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Didnt Sasha eliminate Bayley at the FIRST TIME EVER Womens RR, that really kicked this off?

I tend to agree with you. Honestly I was fairly excited for this feud, since it actually makes pretty good sense till sometime after Elimination Chamber. I thought it was shaping up to be a good slow burn friend vs friend, but they both want to be the best and are standing in each other’s way type of storyline. My initial thoughts after the whole I love you moment was that they had meant for it to come across as a deep almost sister like bond between the two. But it actually came out as more romantic than sentimental and platonic in the actual performance to a lot of people.

I wouldn’t want to speculate too much, but certain information I have garnered leads me to believe that a Women’s tag belt tournament that would be utilized by both brands could very well be announced, w/ the finals taking place on the October PPV. Obviously plans can change, but I could very well see them announcing that as another attraction a little closer to the actual event.

This could either lead to them winning and having a strong reign for a time before an eventual breakup after allowing their characters some much needed rehab. Honestly, with Alexa and Rousey seeming to take up so much of the creative interest in the Raw Women’s division I wouldn’t mind using tag titles to give some time and shine to the rest of the underutilized women on the roster.

But as with all WWE decisions we shall wait and see, because nothing is ever sure.

Very true, I will actually add that in thanks for pointing that out. I literally started with the 1/29/18 episode of raw and the rumble was the night before. :sweat_smile:

Was that the first women’s rumble? Huh, must have missed them saying that.

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Holy cow, how anyone can defend this as “long term booking” is beyond me.

Honestly remember thinking at “Elimination Chamber” a Sasha Banks vs Bayley 1-on-1 “WrestleMania” match will be epic, fast forward 5 months and I don’t care for either woman. They are just stuck spinning there wheels.

At this point they have turned on each other and got back together so much its beyond me how anyone could be excited for their 1-on-1 blow off match.

Women are crazy…long term booking defended

Reading it strangely makes it seem marginally better than it is.

I’m currently waiting for them to finish the angle by pretending it never happened.

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watching it all was painful,reading it all was very painful,but typing it all out! Goose you are the hero we dont deserve.
Let’s raise a glass to the next 20 years of the Sacha v Bayley eternal squabble.