The Snyder Cut LIVE with Zack Snyder

Hey guys,

Knowing that we have a lot of people here that are comic books fans, decided to post about this event, as I think it is something really nice and positive for fans and filmmakers worldwide (you’ll rarely see both groups collaborating lately).

As you might know, the Snyder’s Cut of “Justice League” will hit HBO tomorrow. The guys from Geeks+Gamers are doing a fundraiser for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (they’ve raised $17 000 before since the stream was announced), live on Uche Nwaneri’s YouTube channel, with a special guest: Zack Snyder himself!

The stream will start Tonight at 8PM EST and I’m pretty sure I heard there will be some memorabilia for auctioning too (like this autographed poster they use for background), if you are interested in such stuff.

Here’s the link to the channel:

It’s after midnight my time, so I’ll be deep asleep while it’s live, but will make sure to watch it tomorrow, while you can warm up with it before AEW and NXT, and maybe even drop a buck or two for the cause.


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I expected there to be some discussion about the Snyder Cut once it was released. Possibly in the comic books thread.

But since it’s not out yet I guess I’ll use this thread to say I’m somewhat conflicted by it’s release. What happened to Zach during the filming of Justice League was awful and the movie that was released in 2017 was obviously negatively impacted by having two directors. Not to mention the apparently hostile working environment created by Whedon and DC obviously didn’t help.

But I don’t have high hopes for this either. I’ll be watching out of curiosity over what the changes are between the two movies and maybe it will be better than my expectations. But I find Snyder’s vision of the DCEU to be a total misunderstanding of the source material. Just like his Watchman adaptation. I was ready to move on. The most exciting part of the 2017 movie was the tease of an injustice league in a sequel movie. That would be something Marvel hasn’t done yet that would have made the next movie unique.

The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement also has a toxic element to it as well that involved online harassment that I hate to see be rewarded. It sets a bad precedent for the worst online fan bases to do similar online campaigns against other big movies if the online hate is loud enough.


Very well said. Like you I will probably check it out but don’t expect it to be successful.

The DCEU needs to rebuild from the ground up.

Thy have had a couple good ones with wonder woman and joker but need a more targeted effort.

Very well worded @RedRaider07

You mean like the campaign Sonic fans did to rework the abomination that was the character in the first trailers? Or how the access media is smearing all the fans as toxic (and Nazis) cause they don’t like… let’s say… The Last Jedi for example (those same people are targeting the Snyder’s Cut fans now, BTW)? Or the ones harassing actors for months for things that they might have done in the past or some interpret they’ve done or they’ve should have done (according to those fans) but didn’t?

Why you take the topic in this dark direction?

Watchmen was a great movie, BTW. But you’ll need to watch the director’s cut, cause what was released in theaters was half the movie.

Now I see the stream last night raised the toxic $75k. Abominable.

Unfortunately online harassment is a horrible part of many hardcore fanbases nowadays and you can’t talk about social media movements without it. As you mentioned there are many examples of it and they are all harassment and none of it is right. I didn’t say everyone that ever supported the hashtag was doing it and it is admirable the charities that have been highlighted though the effort.

I don’t think the Sonic example is accurate. They released a trailer that was widely mocked and the studio made changes. Which is similar to the screener process the studio has always used to get feedback and make changes. I don’t remember massive online campaigns to change Sonic’s design. Most people just seemed to accept the movie would suck.

Watchman is a fine movie. Not great. The directors cuts maybe better. But for such a “faithful” adaption they still didn’t stick to the ending. The Watchman TV series showed the ending worked and how important it was to getting the story right. This isn’t just an issue with this movie though. Hollywood has been changing the endings of book adaptions for decades and they rarely ever work out.

Anyone kind of think reviewers may be timid to criticize the Snyder cut because his fan base may attack? “How dare you attack Snyder after all he has been through?” I don’t have a horse in this race, just putting it out there.

I’d say they usually do the opposite. And if you don’t like a specific movie you are called all sorts of things (bigot, misogynistic, racist, etc.). It got really bad last couple of years. Not sure if you’ve seen this “Cuties” debacle from the last year. Cringe AF.

Watche the movie, BTW. It was fine, gave it 7/10 and when I checked - I gave the other one 6/10, so it’s a step above.

Couldn’t stand Ezra Miler’s character in this one while I remember I liked him in the previous one. Well, I guess slamming women on the ground for no particular reason could’ve helped here, but I found him cringe to watch for the most part. And WTF was he doing with his hands while running?

Cyborg’s story was told really well, though. I actually cared about him in this one, while I remember he was just there in the previous.

While even not a fan of him - Superman was WAAAAY in the background. But most of the scenes with him were awesome, though cheesy (and there was a good amount of cheesy scenes, lol).

Really liked Steppenwolf here - he was a true force to reckon with - until Superman pretty much squashed him at the end. I know they triple tag teamed him a bit with WW and AM, but Sups just obliterated him in seconds before that.

Speaking of WW - after the second or third time when she appeared with those choir voices - it started getting on my nerves, lol.

AM I thought was in this one pretty much like an eye candy for the ladies, those shots of him with wet shirts, without wet shirts. Jesus! :joy:

Batman was… there. He didn’t felt like the leader in the other one (from my vague memories). But there were scenes when he was an absolute badass too, so it was fine.

Overall I had fun with the movie. 7/10 is actually pretty good on my scale (means it’s rewatchable), so, here you go.

I think there were toxic only with people, who liked JW cut

It took me a few sessions but I really enjoyed it.

I should preface by saying I fell asleep during the first JL and have little basis of comparison between the two versions.

As a Marvel fan, I had to accept — and even embrace — many of Snyder’s artistic signatures like the slow-mo and dark colour palette. There were shots in this thing that were really gorgeous. I thought the action scenes were well built up and executed.

Trying to be the MCU probably ended up hurting the original. This was unapologetically Snyder-esque.

Each character had pretty good shine and decent to very good backstory. Cyborg in particular was elevated to far higher status after this film. Flash looked amazing when using his powers.

I came in pretty skeptical but left with a far more positive feeling about what the DCEU could’ve been, and perhaps what it still can be if this changes any courses.


…And women & BIPOC nerds (for some reason).

That small yet vocal part of the fanbase aside, I’m really happy for my friends that enjoy Zack & his films. I’ve never been big on ZS (his films are pretty, but they don’t have enough joy for my particular taste), but I don’t begrudge those that like his vision of the DCU.

I feel like the fatal flaw of the DCEU was trying to microwave something that Marvel let cook for years. If they’d taken the time to build this thing and we were finally getting this version of JL in 2020-2021 after 7 years of build, I think (trademark Snyder gloom aside) it plays out better for the folks at WB.

Hopefully ZSJL is received well & can live on as a part of the film/HBOMax DCEU, we just don’t need it as the main/only version of these heroes that we get.

And Ray Fisher was right…It was Whedon all along.



100% correct on the rushed nature of JL. Compared to the build up for say Avengers.

Going in you had
0 Batman films
1 Superman film
1 Wonderwoman Film
1 Civil War style crossover Batman/Superman film
0 films for any other characters

For the first Avengers film
You had 2 Iron Man films
1 Cap film
1 Thor Film
1 Hulk Film(albeit with a different actor playing the hulk.)
The other characters had at least been introduced to the audience prior to the team up in those movies (Black Widow, and Hawkeye as well as Nick Fury and Loki.)

I also don’t think other than maybe Wonder Woman any of the DC characters had really connected with the audience prior to justice league


This movie was fantastic. I have enjoyed all the DC movies, not as much as stuff from Marvel, but they’ve all been decent. I did not remember the original Justice League at all, but I know I did not come out of it, with as much praise as this one.

Cyborg felt like a main event guy in this one and I have never felt like that before. I loved the scenes with The Flash using his powers. I’m a HUGE Flash fan, so it was nice to see. I’m still not totally sold on Ezra Miller, because Grant Gustin is so great on the TV show, but I’m still looking forward to the solo film.

I dont care what anyone says, Aflleck as Batman is fucking great. I love how he plays it, I love his costume. The scene with Superman returning and beating the shit out of the Justice League was awesome. Even Steppenwolf felt wayyyyyyyyyy better, even though I dont give a shit about this villain at all.

The end was awesome. I remember popping huge for the Luthor/Deathstroke scene, so I’m glad it was still here and the Knightmare sequence was great. It was nice seeing the Martian Manhunter too.

It was great fun overall.

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A lot more fun than expected. At 4 hours obviously pacing was a real issue and a lot of characterization just felt off to me.

All in all, a much more fun experience than I thought.

Anyone know what the future of the snyder verse is? Is he done doing movies for the dceu.

My biggest problem with dc versus marvel is they have too my irons in the fire. This, joker and the new batman movie are all in different universes.

The snyder cut feels like its ready to launch a giant multiverse that I thought was dead. DC definitely needs a central plan of attack like marvel.

Looking forward the flash movie. I saw teases of flashpoint in this one.

It really, really depends on how good this movie will do for HBO, cause WB don’t want anything to do with Zack. Remember - it was AT&T’s decision to release the Snyder’s Cut, not WB’s. After the GoT fiasco there’s zero buzz around HBO and I don’t say it was losing money, but for damn sure was not doing anywhere near close when GoT was still going. And this show’s rewatchability was destroyed with the abominable final season. You can only imagine what’s happening on shareholders meetings after the drop of the ratings that followed that fiasco.

Edit: now I hear HBO Max crashed in a lot of regions when it released, lol.

Really enjoyed this movie.

DC Movies could do with their own version of Kevin Feige to knit everything together and ensure cohesion across the films.

Very excited for a cinematic The Flash film. Was more sold on Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in this, despite being a huge fan of what Grant Agustin has done so far with the character in the TV series.

Would love to see a Green Arrow introduction in DC films. Casting that would be fun.

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Finally watched it - it’s one long-ass movie. Fortunately Snyder broke it into acts, so at the end of each act I could stop it and go do what I had to do, then come back for the next act. I got in two meals during the time it took me to finish the movie.

It’s very difficult coming into a movie like this, having not seen any recent DC movies. OTOH, unlike the Marvel Universe, Justice League isn’t really built on a long-running cross-movie storyline. So that is good, and it is also bad.

Characters I thought done well: Batman, WW, Cyborg, Flash. I have a problem with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in that he just seems too awkward; that way about Momoa too in Stargate Atlantis and GoT.

Keeping Superman at bay for much of the movie was a good idea, as the character is so god-like (intentionally so, as the character is a Christ-replacement, much like Doctor Who, for a post-Christian world) that suspense is harder when Superman is involved.

The bigger problem for me personally is that all these superhero movies now seem so derivative of each other. When the Chris Reeves Superman movie came out (ok, that was a long time ago) it was a big deal and it made a big splash. I remember my slightly younger cousin really getting into it. I enjoyed it (we both were comic collectors back in the old days) but it didn’t really move me much (unlike the Star Wars movies.)

Still, overall I can give the Snyder cut a thumbs up.

I finally finished the Zach Snyder cut. It took three sessions making it a very disjointed watching experience that made it difficult to get into the movie. So my initial reaction is it was too long even for a directors cut. It was also impossible to watch this as a separate movie. I spent the entire time just analyzing all the differences with the 2017 movie.

A lot of Random Thoughts:

  • It was better than the 2017 movie. But that’s an incredibly low bar.

  • It makes BvsS look even worse that it wasn’t able to act as an effective second act in the MoS, BvsS & ZSJL series.

  • Whereas I remember thinking that Mamoa’s Aquaman was the breakout character of the 2017 movie in the ZS version it was definitely Ezra Miller’s Flash that stole the show. The Flash scenes were all the most significant improvement from the original.

  • Darkseid was meh. So he found that Earth has the anti-life equation thousands of years ago and forgot where it was? WTF. If the Anti-Life equation was on Earth and Darkseid knew he would have spent 1,000 years invading the planet. That made no sense and ruined the use of Darkseid.

  • Darkseid being meh is as much a problem with execution. To introduce Darkseid effectively I think you have to introduce the New Gods and Orion. But WB and ZS keeps trying to stuff five stories into every movie.

  • Afflecks Batman was very good and again highlights the missed opportunities of spreading these movies out and doing a Batman/Robin Death in the Family movie before BvsS. The Bruce/Dick relationship is so underrated. The best parts of the mediocre Titans series is any references to the Robin and Batman relationship. Although at this point I am ready to move onto Matt Reeves The Batman.

  • From all the hype before the movie I was expecting a whole part to be set in the Knightmare timeline. I was surprised that it only ended up being like 5 minutes.

  • One thing that I liked more about the Whedon cut was the inclusion of the Diana and Bruce budding romance subplot. They have a flirty history from the JLU cartoons and comics that shows it works. It was removed from the SnyderCut because Snyder had this idea of Bruce and Lois? Another WTF idea I’m glad WB had the sense to force him to cut. Although the hints at it in BvsS and ZSJL are still there and still terrible.

  • I also liked the epilogue from Joss Whedon’s cut more that alluded to an injustice league for potential sequels. Although I don’t think there will be a sequel anyway so it’s a moot point.

Overall my review is it was fine. I will never carve out another four hours of my life to watch it again. I probably rank it around the same as X-Men: Apocalypse. Another movie with good cast, incredible speedster scenes and misuse of a major villain.