The Springsteen/Elias reference of the week

I mentioned somewhere else as a huge Springsteen fan I pop every Monday when Michael Cole (known Springsteen fan) makes some obscure reference to Bruce’s past or songs. He’s gone as deep as naming famous bootlegs from the tape trading days of the 70s, shouted out the theater in NYC where Bruce is on Broadway right now, and numerous titles of songs.
Somebody mentioned it should be a thread so I’ll post this and keep it updated for giggles.

Wrestlemania reference: Cena attacks Elias after his song and Cole notes Elias is looking for Johnny Bye Bye but John is not going anywhere!

Johnny Bye Bye is a deep cut played frequently on the Born in the USA tour in the 80s that was released as part of the Live 75-85 release. It also found its way onto Tracks (a 4 disc set of unreleased material put out in the late 90s)

This is the 2nd time he’s used the reference (first repeat to my knowledge) as he used it once before in Memphis on Raw. To show the depths which Cole takes it - the opening verse has the lines “Well she drew out all her money from the southern trust
And put her little boy on the greyhound bus
Leaving memphis with a guitar in his hand
With a one way ticket to the promised land”

This matches a theme of calling references that tie to location. He also did the Walter Kerr theater in NY on Raw 25 (where Bruce is on Broadway now) and a popular venue Bruce would play in Cleveland in the 70s on a recent edition of Raw.


Raw 4/9: Bobby Lashley destroys Elias and Cole calls him a Wrecking Ball. Springsteen wrote a song called Wrecking Ball as a tribute to Giants Stadium and then released an album by that name in 2012

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Mick Foley did a guest host spot on E Street Radio on Sirirus XM a few weeks ago. I’d love to hear Elias do it.

Love the thread so far good brother, keep it up!

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It just hit me how unbelievably disappointed I will be if Elias and Cole are not on the same show :open_mouth:

And just like that. Cole has not made a reference in several weeks. :anguished:

After 2+ months of no references (coinciding with when I started this thread ironically enough) he did it! Cole made another Springsteen reference after Elias’ segment in Boston:

The reference was the comparison to a performance at Harvard Square in 1974. What took place that night you may wonder?

The evening of May 9, 1974, is legendary in the annals of rock ’n’ roll. It was the night the little-known Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band opened for Bonnie Raitt at Harvard Square Theater, dazzling the critic Jon Landau into writing “I saw rock & roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen’’ in the local alternative weekly The Real Paper.

Landau would later become Springsteen’s manager and the recap and quote is a highlight of Bruce lore

I was very happy to hear Cole drop another reference and hope he keeps it up.

Two weeks in a row! Dare I say he’s back (he = whoever is feeding these lines to Cole from the back):

Cole described Elias’ performance like getting County Fair at Darien Lake in 2003

Darien Lake Performance Arts Center (just outside Buffalo) was the site of one of the all-time WTF moments at a Bruce concert when County Fair, an unreleased/never-performed song that only existed as a studio outtake in collectors circles was debuted.