The Superbowl 2019 Thread - Pats vs Rams

So what does everyone think of the Superbowl this year? (is there a way to create a poll)?

I thought the championship games were two of the most dramatic NFL games I’ve watched recently with spectacular plays and of course the massive missed call that stole the game from the Saints.

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i’ve didn’t follow any of it but from what i’ve seen in the news, i feel like it might be a really good game this year and might make me want to tune in for it which is a big thing as i’m one of the rare one that never watch the super bowl.

Anyway if i had to pick a winner, i would go with the patriots, they are almost unstoppable in the post season and unless something happens like it did in the rams//saints game, the rams have no chance of winning this.

I likely won’t be watching. There’s a team who is only in the game because of a horribly officiated call that went in their favor and is also a divisional rival of one of my favorite teams (Rams) playing against a team with a history of cheating and one of the smuggest athletes ever as its quarterback (Patriots). This is basically the equivalent to a heel vs heel matchup in wrestling. I have no one to root for, and no reason to be invested in this game.

I would like the Pats to lose this game and literally every other game until the end of time.


A history of cheating…you mean one thing they were punished for, in which there is more evidence that they didn’t do and video taping, which probably every team has done at some point. Don’t act like you wouldn’t be perfectly cool with it, if it was your team.

I wouldn’t be cool with it. My team is the 49ers, and they don’t have a perfect track record either. They’ve had a lot of guys with character issues on their team in past years, and I’ve been in favor of dumping the guys with character issues.

Brady also gets favorable calls his way as well. See their game against the Chiefs when Patrick Mahomes was literally being driven to the ground by defenders after throwing with no flag being thrown, and Brady gets one of the most questionable roughing the passer calls in his favor when a Chiefs defender literally just taps his shoulder. This was on a 3rd down too late in the 4th, so that changed the complexion of the game. Brady and his pals have gotten favorable calls for years, going back to the Tuck Rule game.

Its all about the XFL now pal

Growing up in the 80s and 90s in Connecticut, I literally can’t name a single friend I had that was a Patriots fans. Now they’re all Pats fans, and that’s where my disdain for their success comes from. At least the obnoxious Yankees fans in my life have always been Yankees fans.

But now that I’m married to a Patriots fan, it’s hard to get too upset when they win. Especially since my beloved Philadelphia Eagles (so yeah, I’m no stranger to asshole fans…) finally got theirs last season.

So that is Tom Brady or the Patriots fault? This is sports we’re talking about. I watch the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA and see the top teams or players getting favourable calls. That’s just how it is.

No team spying is going to help them win a championship. Deflating footballs is not going to win a championship. A couple calls during a game, won’t win you a champ. When you go to 9 championship games in 19 seasons, you’re one of the great teams in history. When you have the stats that Brady has, you are the greatest player of all time. No matter how much people want to hate.

I love it! Patriots are not my favorite team but I’ll be cheering for them. I love that we’re in the era of the GOAT coach and QB. Keep on winning and may those records become unbreakable! Love the Rams coach though, great story right there.

I’m not saying Brady isn’t the GOAT. I’m just tired of seeing his team in the Super Bowl and don’t see this year’s Super Bowl matchup as all that enticing on paper. I could be wrong, and it could end up being a great game. I guess we’ll see.

This Supercard is not of Honor. The Saints we’re screwed. Worst screw job since Montreat. And now Super Tom is going to win another because well, Tom isn’t putting over young talent at this stage. God I hope he wins too! Watching greatness is special. Watching the greatest of all time is memorable. See Jordan, Michael in the 90s

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