The Tampon Spot

Here is the thread for all talk about the Priscilla Kelly tampon spot. On Twitter it has been remarked on by people such as Road Dogg, Tommy Dreamer, The Bray D, and Reby Hardy in what I’m going to call a mixed reaction. Below are my thoughts.

Pro wrestling fans have just had their first period and it seems many are embarrassed, shocked, and confused. We weren’t ready for it. We wish it had never happened. At least not yet. There have been a few other entertainment mediums who drew first blood, but they were few and some have gone menopausal. When it comes to confronting individuals regarding aspects of how their disgust mechanisms operate within their subconscious and conscious levels of perception, we indeed have few peers now. Blush.

But it’s time to be brave and face the new reality that is among us. We’re afraid that we might now become outcasts, shamed by these ‘others’ who will now look down on us as dirty. Unpure. Obscene. Different. Make no mistake; the game was changed and we are not going back to the way it used to be. Progress (short term, at least) is a one way street, and periodically this spot will return again and continue to challenge people with important aspects of self such as tolerance of discomfort, reaction to disgust, acceptance, and other things not initially apparent to me. I’m looking forward to that. People’s reactions so far have really been priceless.

Professional wrestling isn’t really about flashy moves, cool spots, great promos, or compelling gimmicks; it’s about playing the human instrument. Playing on emotions to get a genuine reaction. To make people suspend their disbelief and just get lost in the moment and react to it in a visceral way. This spot has done that in a way that I can’t remember since people stopped caring about professional wrestling 18 years ago. I think this it could perhaps act as a further proof to potential female fans that wrestling, which got severely misogynistic, has either made room willingly or been forced to heel to a new generation of women that aren’t going to take people’s shit.

I really hope professional wrestling becomes popular again, the way that it used to be. I know increased shareholder profitability is the business WWE is in, but moreso than Vince McMahon and Family having a few extra million in the bank I desire professional wrestling to be a cultural influencer again. The roller coaster ride can be really fun when it’s done right, we need to get people in line again. But to do that wrestling needs to mature and we are being confronted with that right now. This is what it looks like. People vote with their feet and eyeballs and wallets. I doubt this spot, done at a bar during a 21+ event, would lead to any more people walking out in disgust than a thumbtack spot or stapling a dollar bill to another person.

This is a symbolic transition to a new dawn; it’s a new day in professional wrestling. It’s time to grow and expand our world, to be budding outward in new directions. Maturing and exploring new paths such as giving women the freedom to be just as disgusting and bold and horrible and brave as the men.

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Tommy Dreamer

Road Dogg

Road Dogg - Subsequent Apology

The Bray D

When Jim Cornette is released from the hospital after viewing this and tweets about it I will add it. What did you think about it?


Wrestling is returning to its seedy, not-ready-for-general-audiences, era, eh?

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I feel bad that 2 female competitors felt they needed a stunt like this to get their names out their.

But I’m probably not the right person to ask. Eddy Guerrero’s gusher against JBL stopped me watching Smackdown for a while, as good as I knew Eddy was. While I tried to stick with ROH for another 6 months or so after it happened, the Age of the Fall spot with Mark Briscoe was the biggest factor to me giving up on that promotion.

Maybe there’s a spot for blood in wrestling, but I can’t make that argument, and I definitely can’t and won’t make an argument for gratuitous use of blood, be it from Guerrero hitting a gusher, be it Jimmy Jacobs showering in blood, or be it menstrual blood.

I generally like to consider myself pretty woke and very pro-feminist, but I’m just not able to see how this furthers the cause of women in wrestling because, rightly or wrongly, it’ll be viewed as the same shock-value carny bullshit that much of the mens wrestling scene spent the early 2000s trying to pull itself out of, and it’s more likely to set them back in their endeavour for equality and to be viewed as being attractions that are equal to men. I know she’s doing it on the best platform any woman has ever had, but that’s what Becky is currently doing in a far more conventional way (that includes a great use of social media.)

I’d never heard of either of these women before today, but I certainly wouldn’t be seeking either of them out having watched it, which in my opinion makes it a bad use of social media.

A week ago there would’ve been another great comparison to make regarding great use of social media - Toni Storm turned into a star across Australia and Britain based on her social media use and buzz, leading to her being noticed by WWE and getting a great spot in the Mae Young classic. In some ways it’s that irony that made this week so sad, so horrific, and undoubtedly so devastating for her.

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This is going to mean nothing very soon and will just be another “talking point” to wrestling fans. I know recently there has been the whole talk about the Toni Storm leaks and my thought was the same, while people will focus on it for a day or two it’ll soon fall into the background and the wrestling world will continue to move forward.
To me, this was just a spot designed to gross out people and it got way more of a reaction. If anything Kelly must be happy as she’ll likely get a lot of attention and followers from it.


I think just as both South Park and Dora the Explorer were both able to be cartoons and coexist in the same universe so too can WWE remain a kids show while other wrestling ventures explore more mature paths. With today’s society being so over protected and coddled compared to the late 90s/early 2000s it’s more important now than it was before to confront people with things that will upset or shock. I’m sure there are plenty of musical acts that make less money than the Wiggles, perform in front of less fans, but are happier serving a different audience with a different tone.

I guess I consider myself a feminist in the sense I think most people are equally horrible with a few exceptions. I can honestly say my sensibilities are way more offended when I see children being brainwashed in to joining the military compared to any fictional obscene act. I just have to deal with it as I become exposed to it.

This could mean nothing soon, or it could mean more. Time will tell. Of course it was a spot designed to gross people out. There are countless others (most if not all regarded as less extreme, I’ll agree) but I don’t see much of a difference between this and ‘Suck It’. Things in poor taste can go one way or another.

Hey, does anybody remember those ECW matches where the fans brought the weapons?

The spot itself was creative, but the talk around it seems overblown. I’m not buying the argument that those who find this disgusting or unappealing are misogynists. I’m sure there are people out there who would find a man using a used jock strap on another guy just as disgusting. It’s kind of sad sign for society when things that are as minor as this become such divisive and politicized talking points.

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It’s not for me, but not all wrestling should be.


I thought it was hilarious. Kudos to her, she’s gonna be busy for a while.

I don’t think being appalled or disgusted by it is an unnatural response; it’s the intended outcome. You don’t have to hate men to be offput by the Joey Ryan lollypop spot. It’s fairly topical as well, and speaks to an issue that causes a lot of weird stuff all over the world. Menstruating women might not be welcome in temples in India but there’s a spot for them in pro wrestling.

i thought it was rotten,the wife said it was disgusting.Sue us both.

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WTF is Suburban Fight Wrestling?
Who da fuk are these women?
And why am I not surprised a promotion I’ve never heard of and two no name wrestlers are trying to grab attention with something absurd and ridiculous?
Oh and are we sure it’s even real?!

This is dumb.

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Periods come under the category of “human waste”. People finding it disgusting has nothing to do with sexism. Not saying the spot was offensive but the view that this was a moment of activism is pretty ridiculous. Some will find it funny, some will find it disgusting and both reactions are fair enough. Some will just feel it was stupid and that’s fair enough as well. If you think this was a great moment for feminism, then to be honest, you’re a fucking idiot.

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I guess the difference here that I’m seeing is when Drake Maverick uses human waste for a spot, yes it gets a bad reaction and criticism, but nothing near this level.

It’s not near this level because people saying they find this spot disgusting are met with people saying this spot is gonna change the world. That creates sides and creates more noise.

Idiots like Ryan Satin conflating this situation with things that are irrelevant creates even more annoyance. People that find this spot disgusting are not only sexist but they probably like Hulk Hogan as well so they’re probably racist too…?

When there’s moronic takes on the reactions like that then people will understandably defend their reactions by being slightly harsher.

I think the reactions might be closer if Drake pissed in his opponent’s face.

EDIT: Haven’t seen the “tampon spot” in question. Not interested, which I suppose could be considered my opinion of the situation.

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Whens the cum on the face spot?

When are you free? :wink:


Meh, Shawn Michaels threw a cup on urine on Vince in '06. It’s not like she exposed her genitals.

WWE Shawn Michaels Takes A Drug Test

For me, it’s in the same category as pretty much anything Joey Ryan does or guys that do the invisible hand grenade, it doesn’t have a place in wrestling and they should be blacklisted from any major Indy Fed in North America.

While I get that wrestling is predetermined, you don’t have to hammer that fact by doing crap like that which make the business look even more dumb and fake.

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