The ultimate Warrior is not a gay pride mascot

From the article:

But yelling out that “queering doesn’t make the world work” during his famously awful 2005 speaking engagement at UConn is the one that everyone remembers

His 2006 speech at DePaul University, which centered around his hate of “queer studies,” is less well-known, but of the very few blog posts of his that is still properly archived elaborates upon the message.

They were married in 1999, so yeah you’re wrong about that. Just like you were wrong about RAW drawing 30,000 #psykohurrricane


Warrior never needed help making himself look bad

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Warrior left a legacy of being a homophobic piece of garbage. It’s his fault people still talk about it, and it’s Dana Warriors fault for being an idiot and not recognizing that, not “social justice warriors” looking for a story.

He said some hateful and hurtful things that perpetuate a narrative, and it won’t be forgotten.

I’m all for second chances, but at some point a person might just be a homophobic shithead that we cut too much slack bc they were a childhood icon.

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He said mean words and must be erased.

You need new material

This (half-baked, sarcastic) argument would at least partially hold water if we were talking about putting Warrior in the Hall of Fame or including him on A DVD something. But we’re literally talking about using the image of a known homophobe to support the LGBTQ community. As such, you’re just regurgitating nonsense.


The absolute worst thing anyone can do is say mean words about the LBGTQIA+SR community. Anyone that does should be deemed a “non-person” and have any knowledge and memory of that individual stripped from history. To support anything less makes you worse than literal Hitler.

You really need to work on your woke.

Are you serious man?

When has the Warrior ever claimed to have softened his stance on “Queering doesn’t make the World work” ? Is there nay proof of this?

Its fine if Dana Warrior supports LQBT community - in fact its great! But why adorn the face paint of a man who is known to be very anti to that movement?

Just because you die doesn’t mean everything you did in life is forgotten.

Imagine if some decedent of Hitler decided to support a Holocast get together wearing a Nazi outfit ? This isn’t that different TBH

Just arguing with thin air…

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No, he’s showing them PC libtards how tough he is. Snowflakes better watch out!!

You sound familiar… :thinking:

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Did you just assume my gender? Because I’m compassionate, and we almost share the same opinions, I’ll overlook this thought crime, just this once.

I don’t why any of you are trying to argue when I not only agree, but I feel more strongly about this than you do. I find it very triggering. Saying it’s “great” that Dana Warrior supports the LBGTQIA+SR (please, they’ve been through so much, have the common decency to properly address them when commenting) community is like saying it’s “great” that Eva Braun lit a menorah for Hanukkah. She not only consorted with a hate criminal, but accepted his hate seed and reproduced two persons. She not only needs to be erased, but those children need to be placed in a public school where they can be properly monitored and mentally conditioned by the government, in order to make sure they never commit the heinous act of mean word utterance.

I’m really disappointed in the lack of progressive wokeness here. I expected more out of a professional wrestling message board.

I was responding to AEW25. I have no idea what is going on here or why you have jumped in thinking I was talking to you.

AEW25 seems to imply very different things than you do in your post (which I am not even going to address)

What is going on here?

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:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Dana Warrior is welcome to support anybody she wants. HOWEVER, if she is going to use Ultimate Warrior to support groups he openly used hate speech toward, then she deserves as much criticism as she receives, and probably more.


You have less than a dozen posts here and half of them seem to be very similar to this horse shit.


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I’m sorry you feel that defending the oppressed against vicious hate words is “horse shit”.

You better woke up. The world is changing around you.

You seriously need to stop being a troll and start wondering why you have so much free time to waste doing this

You’re on a pro wrestling message board at 1:50pm on a weekday. You really shouldn’t be worrying about how others spend their time.

Since when does agreeing with the groupthink hive mind make one a troll? Because I’m more passionate about it? Keep your hate speech to yourself.