The Undertaker has surgeries lined up, needs right knee replacement

Originally published at The Undertaker has surgeries lined up, needs right knee replacement

The Undertaker provides an update on how he’s doing physically.

It was at WrestleMania 36 that The Undertaker last competed on WWE programming. He took on AJ Styles in a cinematic Boneyard match. Coming out of that WrestleMania, The Undertaker’s ‘Last Ride’ documentary aired which took an in-depth look into the last several years of his in-ring career.

WWE’s next WrestleMania is taking place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and The Undertaker was present for the ticket on-sale party on 11/10. To promote WrestleMania 38, Taker appeared on ‘Norm and D Invasion’ on The Ticket Sports Radio. He shared that he has surgeries lined up and needs his right knee replaced.

Well, so I have both my hips are partial hip replacements already. I need a right knee and so, I have surgeries lined up. I gotta wait until hunting season’s over.

At the 2020 Survivor Series event, WWE hosted The Undertaker’s ‘Final Farewell’. To get a recap of that show-closing segment, click here.

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The sad part about this business. And it’s not like taker is a guy who has some type of crazy style night in, night out. Makes you wonder about guys like Hardy, omega, etc., how much of a mess are they going to be when they are in their 50’s. Granted knees issues are more common with guys that are carrying more weight.

At least he made a ton of money doing it. Wish him well.

Not gonna lie?
All these surgeries sounds like he’s getting ready for a WrestleMania appearance & that worries me!