The way too early Wrestlemania 35 Roll Call

Fellow POSTmates!
It’s the way to early Wrestlemania 35 Roll Call…

with the Internet Presale starting today wanted to see if anyone bought tickets. I also haven’t the slightest clue what the difference is between today’s “Internet presale” and tomorrow’s “platinum presale” but I figure somehow I screwed myself buying tickets today.

I picked up 5 seats:
Section 124 Row 35 (25/26)
Section 124 Row 36 (25-27)
They are aisle seats on the side of the section closer to the middle, straight away from the ramp. Anyone have thoughts as to if these are solid Mania seats? Where will you all be?

Also I’ve never been to Wrestlemania before and very excited to have you all in my little corner of world. Wai and John’s meetup is already going to be a highlight of 2019 for me (no pressure guys!!) Also wanted an excuse to post something even if it’s months out and say:


I was going to make this same post! The day you buy tickets for Wrestlemania is an exciting day. I haven’t gotten my tickets for WM35 yet, but I might be in NY for work next April and in that case will definitely be buying a ticket.

With the show 6 months away, I feel like anything could happen for better or worse. I know at this time of year in 2015 before WM32 I was dreaming about the Shield triple threat and Cena vs Taker matches which would be the main event. Of course those matches didn’t come to pass and instead WWE brought in AJ and brought back Shane which were huge surprises at the time.

If I’m fantasy booking WM35 here are a couple of the matches I would love to see.

  • Brock Lesnar vs Alister Black
  • John Cena vs Daniel Bryan
  • Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs a returning Roman Reigns after beating Leukemia
  • Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch or Wrestlemania is the place to do a 4 horse women of NXT vs 4 horse women of MMA
  • New Day vs The Elite (Young Bucks & Cody) who debuted at the RR.
  • Kenny Omega vs AJ Styles
  • Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre
  • Undertaker retirement. No match. He’s inducted into the HoF and at Wrestlemania he does his entrance, quick promo and maybe chokeslams someone.

In an ironic turn of events it looks like I am NOT going to Wrestlemania! :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

While I’ve been looking forward to Mania being in my home territory for months, and bought a handful of tickets for friends on the presale as noted above, I have been presented with the opportunity to attend The Masters practice round Monday - the day after Mania. This would require me flying down the Sunday of Mania :man_facepalming:

Over my years I’ve had three big passion-hobbies. Bruce Springsteen, Professional Wrestling, and Golf. The chance to see Augusta National in person has always been a dream and fortunately I’ve had a really good year at work and with these Masters tickets being made available to me I’m going to be taking my father as a trip/gift that I’ve had as a goal of mine for a long time (to be able to take him to see Augusta).

I am definitely torn about the decision as I’ve still never been to a Wrestlemania. But unlike Rock-Cena, this chance to take my father to The Masters is potentially a once in a lifetime thing because tickets are super rare and my father being able to walk the grounds in good health. I’m pretty much posting this as a source of therapy explaining my decision and putting it out to my corner of the Wrestling Community.

I will still be in the city Saturday for the ROH/New Japan show at the Garden where I have some of the best seats in the house and can not wait to add to the list of things I’ve been lucky enough to see at the Garden. I’m certain now that this Mania will be an all time event and you can all thank for me that since it’s my dumb luck that I can’t go in my backyard that it will turn into a show for the ages. That said, really hope to meet and see a bunch of you in the City for the weekends festivities.

If you bothered reading this, thanks for for letting me POST this.


Heavily considering doing Mania weekend this year.

If anyone from the Toronto area is up for carpooling and/or splitting an Airbnb, let me know. I can drive.

Not a weirdo/have traveled a good chunk through ride shares. Good hygiene and blue tooth technology in my car.

I alongside two others are going to our firsts, seeing NXT Friday, G1 Supercard Saturday and Mania on sunday. So excited for the trip

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I missed the NXT sale…if anyone has a ticket to NXT that they would like to trade for a ticket to G1 Supercard…I have extras in section 107 for MSG Saturday…would like to be in the 100s or so at Barclays for NXT. Reach out if you have interest in the swap.