The Wellness Policy #1: Debut

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Join Wai Ting, Jordan Goodman, and members of the POST Wrestling Café for the debut episode of The Wellness Policy, a new monthly community-based podcast discussing topics such as mental wellness, creativity, entrepreneurship and culture.

In our premiere, get to know licensed therapist, former ROH employee, musician, and absurdist Instagrammer, Jordan Goodman, as we discuss why we’ve started the show and what we hope to achieve.

We introduce the psychological concept of “flow” with specific references to the book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. What is flow state? When do we experience it? What separates mundane tasks from engaging challenges?

Then we check in with the POST Wrestling community as they share their experiences of, and relationship to mental wellness, especially during a global pandemic.

We want to hear from you! This is not another wrestling podcast—it’s a chance for wrestling fans to share who we are behind our shared fandom.

Join the #Wellness-Policy channel in our POST Discord to keep the conversation going.

Stay tuned for the February show date where all POST Wrestling Café members can participate live on Zoom as we discuss the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, and much more!

Show Theme: “Rosie Was” by Raindeer






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Really great show @wai0937. Some excellent discussion with you, Jordan and the callers. Thank you for having a show like this.


A nice easy listen at work this morning. Like you guys were saying, I think many of my flow activities actually happen at work despite “hating my job.” Tinkering with electronics and making broken things work again gets me in this somewhat of a Zen state and the hours just melt away.

To borrow a line from Gregg Turkington, if Jordan Goodman keeps this up he may have to change his name to Jordan Greatman because he’s doing some fantastic work here. But I do feel Wai Ting is at risk of losing the “Cowboy” nickname in lieu of “Podcast Slut” with all these new ventures he’s working on.


Great Job! I’m sold on this podcast and have always been fascinated with the concept of “flow”. My experience with flow is when I am lesson planning or delivering or performing specific lessons to students.

I can start planning units, material, and make lesson plans for hours and hours and in my mind minutes have passed. When I am really into a performative lesson I lose track of time and feel like I’m in slow motion, but simultaneously I am able to check in with the clock in the classroom, or now on my computer screen, and end the lesson by the proper dismissal time.


It’s interesting to me how during the pandemic the “wellness” industry has exploded.

It’s an important topic, but there will always be those out there looking to take your money on the new hottest thing.

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Very cool. This is a skill I don’t have but I see it with friends and family who can spend hours working on a car or “tinkering” as you said and it calms them.

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I’m sure a smart fella like yourself could figure most of it out pretty quickly. Pro tip: if it starts to smoke, disconnect the power source. :joy:

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This is a great podcast. I really appreciate the thought and effort put into it, and just the overall consideration and care for your audience to do it in the first place. Will be a priority listen for me.

Unfortunately - being completely serious - the extra thought I have personally put into my happiness and mental health lately has convinced me to get away from this forum for a bit. I don’t like how angry I get at persistent trolls (or just jerks), so I’m going to take the initiative and separate myself from it.


5 bags of :popcorn: 2 bags of :cup_with_straw: for this post!

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It’s really awesome to see the amount thought everyone is putting in to their listening.


It’s understood. I encourage people to speak freely here and sometimes that’s both good and bad. Things like this forum are tools for our listeners to use if they wish. Feel free to return as little or as much as you’d like. :blush:


I’m not sure that watching wrestling leads me to a state of ‘flow’, but a big part of my fandom is the good that it does for my mental wellbeing. Like any hobby or interest, it’s a distraction from problems and/or the challenges of the real world.

Aspects of my job as a teacher lead me to experience ‘flow’. As does running. I guess the trick is to find what works for you.


What do you teach @DAS if you don’t mind me asking? No pressure if not.

Don’t mind at all. I’m a Primary School teacher in Scotland. I teach Primary 4 this year. So my kids are 7 or 8 years old. I’ve taught older and younger year groups though.

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I’m with you on the running getting me in a flow state (at least when I am in good shape.)


Fantastic show I appreciate Post wrestling for taking swings I and trying different things. I was so touched by John’s call it is so cool the people you’ve attracted. In August I was in the hospital for a week and I couldn’t have any guests so it was me in a room alone with nurses. Your shows, Dan LeBatard from ESPN and the Observer got me through a week I love you guys


Seriously - What an amazing show!
I have not heard men opening up and being supportive on any forum like this podcast. It is quite amazing and you should be proud of yourselves.
I’ve messaged a few times and mention often that I don’t even watch wresting any longer and haven’t done in over 20 years now but for some reason I just love this community. I really enjoy John and Wai’s rambles before the reviews and am really happy you are branching out in to other podcasts like this. It may not last forever but right now I think its important and i congratulate yourselves and everyone who phoned up for making it work. Cheers for all the content - well worth the money!