The Wellness Policy #5: Creativity w/ David Speed

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Wai Ting and Jordan Goodman are back with Episode 5 of The Wellness Policy as they welcome artist and co-host of the Creative Rebels podcast, David Speed! You’ve likely seen his beautiful mural of Brodie Lee in London.

We learn of David’s childhood connection to pro wrestling and the ways in which the business has informed his own creative career. We explore concepts from his suggested book, The Practice, by marketing and leadership pioneer, Seth Godin. We discuss the ways in which consistency, generosity, branding, and social media all contribute to David’s success.

You can also check out Seth’s recent conversation about the book with David on Creative Rebels.


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Next month, we’ll explore both the many benefits and trappings of social media. We invite you to join us in watching Netflix’s The Social Dilemma. We’ll discuss the ideas presented in this documentary in addition to our own experiences of social media in our personal and professional lives.

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Really loved this episode. I’m an art [film] school dropout and I constantly feel like I need to make art but always count myself out before starting (in many of the ways described in this episode). I took notes of some of the inspiring/motivating quotes, I plan on reading “The Practice” and subscribing to David’s podcast. Thanks to all three of you for this great content!


That’s awesome. Glad you got something out of the podcast!

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Incredible! You got this :call_me_hand:

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