The Winter Olympics

I’m kind of surprised that there hasn’t already been a topic created for this yet so I thought I would make one! What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Winter Olympics or the Olympics in general?

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the Olympics. It shares a lot in common with WWE. It’s a massive spectacle with incredible death-defying athletic performances supporting corrupt business practices. It’s a crazy intersection of politics, history, sports and human interest stories. It’s got something for everyone to discuss, argue, or just be in awe about.

It’s also a wonderful showcase for the importance of being a part of the world. That everywhere in the world are terrific athletes and beautiful people. That people shouldn’t be looked down upon or stereotyped because of where they were born and that every nation has something to offer. I think it’s an important lesson that the USA needs to be reminded of right now.

I honestly didn’t even realise this was happening until this morning.

No NHL players in this…so my interest is gone.

I’m actually more excited for the men’s hockey because of this. Reminds me of watching the 92 and 94 Canadian men’s teams and cheering for a bunch of blue collar guys (even though most have played in the NHL before). The last Olympics wasn’t exciting at all for the Canadian men, besides the American game. We dominated all the way through. The gold medal game was pretty boring hockey.

For the Olympics overall, I’ll watch any sport that’s on. I get caught up in the splendor of the games.

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The olympics are a terrible money grab for everyone involved except for the athletes. It destroys regions and communities where the events are held. Look into what it has done to Brazil and Sochi. It’s really sad.

Also before I get attacked as being mr. negative, I am a track and field guy so I also understand it’s the only time these athletes get any sort of coverage or publicity, which is also sad.

And…us Americans are the biggest cheaters on the planet but we will never get banned from the games. Our scandals are swept under the rug, because what would the olympics be without the US?

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The winter olympics needs more pro wrestling and MMA in it. It needs John and Wai to review the major events; it needs Brian and Brother Nate to review the 2002 winter olympics day-by-day, and it needs Braden interviewing the cutest women olympians.

… and more seriously, the Olympics needs more “face” vs “heel” drama. It has not been the same since Boris Yeltsin turned Russia “face” in 1991.

I’d say the Russians are the biggest heels in this Olympics with the initial suspension for the doping scandal, and then the allowance of “Olympic Athletes From Russia” to participate.

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…the World Cup?


I actually love the winter olympics (I’m meh on the summer games). But I like Olympic Hockey alot more than NHL hockey. I think its cause there is less ridiculous fighting. I also really love skiing, so the skiing and snowboarding events are super cool to me. I miss not being able to ski anymore (not many slopes in Florida). And how can you not love the insane weirdness of a sport like Curling…

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As the nephew of an Olympic gold medalist in women’s figure skating, i just have to say I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote. (I am American and I’m sure you’d agree that it’s the billions in broadcast rights fees that keep the USA from getting the BAN)

This should win reply of the month and/or year.

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Being from the UK the Winter Olympics doesn’t get much publicity over here but it does seem the BBC are putting it on more than they have done previously though.

Stream it live with the help of this streaming guide.

Btw did anyone see how Pavel crashed while skiing due to heavy wind? Another dream crushed though. ThankGod there wasn’t any casualties.

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Just like wrestling, it’s pretty insane what everyone is able to do physically these days.

Every event has some ‘awe’ factor to it.

Rambling on.

Not a Haku or a Haiku.

US Men’s Hockey got lit up today by Russia , they were awful transitioning from defense to offense .

Oh man it’s a tough time to be a US soccer fan