The Wrestler Comp thread

@theCobra and I had an exchange about making Wrestler + Golfer comps on another thread and I thought this concept could be a cool thread of its own. Would love cool companof wrestlers to other cannons or genres or sports. Compare to characters of shows, other sports stars, or movies or comics! Here is the golf one I did and I’ll start a basketball one beneath it for example.

Based on Round 3 of the Masters leaderboard:
Tiger and Phil is Cena and Taker
DJ is Brock - powerhouse
Speith is AJ - simply world class
Rory is the Roman to Tiger’s Cena
Nakamura - JT, hey did you know Nakamura knows AJ from Japan is the JT and go-to Speith and Justin as friends
Stenson - Shane (I don’t wanna see him featured but when he is he’s pretty good)
Reed - KO
Fowler - Pre WM30 Bryan
Rose - Orton, he’s elite but why don’t people get more excited from him
Leishman - Balor (critically underrated)
Finau - Last Year Rollins getting injured before the big show, and still competing at a high level
Bubba - Sami :sweat_smile:
Oosty - Miz (when he won his Major he wasn’t ready but now he’s recognized as great)

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Basketball (all time):
Hogan - MJ
Rock - Kobe
Cena - LeBron

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Paste your 2nd post from the other thread @MJfromNJ onto your list up top here. Those are great also!

Kiradech Aphibarnrat ---- Otis Dozovic from Heavy Machinery

Jason Dufner ---- Katsuyori Shibata (not sure if we’re sticking to just WWE, but both guys always have this completely blank stare on their faces)

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Jason Day is Hideo Itami :face_with_head_bandage:
Bryson DeChambeau is TJP - burst into scene with lower level tournament wins and then became very annoying very quickly
Rahm is Samoa Joe: scorching earth personalities
Kopeka is the Braun - monsters among men but kinda DGAF attitudes
Anthony Kim and Enzo Amore (flashy celebrated one minute, washed from memory the next)
Poulter is XPac :joy:

Osprey and Finau this week is eerily similar

Game Of Thrones

Tywin Lannister-Vince Mcmahon- tyrannical and power hungry, favours his daughter over his son. At one point try’s to kill his son.

Cersei Lannister- Stephanie McMahon- all powerful, tyrannical and power hungry puts down anyone who defies or questions her.

Tyrion Lannister- hornswoggle Mcmahon- ostracized by his all powerful family due to his dwarfism, may be the smartest of them all.

Sandor and Gregor Glefane- Kane and the undertaker- older brother burns younger brother when they’re young leaving him with horrific scars and a grudge. Later, the older brother becomes an unkillable zombie.

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:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: flawless!
Do more, because I can’t come close to nailing it like that (and I love Thrones)

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Ha ha, Thanks. I’ll have to think though, can’t get past triple h and Ned Stark just because he looks like him.

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Snow and Cena
Denyrus and Charlotte
Miz and Little Finger
Bryan and Rob Stark (before DB got resurrected)

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Damn!! Was just about to put Charlotte and Daenerys- her father all powerful, went off the rails a bit and everyone expected her brother (David, Viserys) to be his heir. But he was a bit shit.

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Bronn-Brock Lesnar- a sell-sword, no loyalties, doesn’t care too much about his victories or glory, just wants paid.

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Hulk - Braun
Thor - Roman
Iron Man - Daniel Bryan (literally)
Captain America - John Cena
Black Widow - Becky Lynch

Thanos - Brock


(Another Game of Thrones)

The Sand Snakes-The Riott Squad- look great and talk like they’re great warriors, but when it comes to battle, they don’t really do much.

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