The WWE announces Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to the ring

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The WWE announced on Tuesday that Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) has been medically cleared to return to the ring following a two-year hiatus.

In 2016, Bryan was forced to retire after failing to be cleared by the WWE’s medical director, Dr. Joseph Maroon. This was a result of the discovery of a small subacute or chronic lesion in the brain’s temporoparietal region.

While Bryan was able to gain clearance from several other doctors, the decision by Maroon was one the WWE was not going to ignore. Bryan has been vocal ever since the 2016 retirement that he wanted to wrestle again and had been undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Bryan had always stated if he encountered any warning signs along the way, he would not pursue a return to the ring.

The WWE’s story stated that Bryan received clearance from Dr. Robert Cantu, Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, Dr. Javier Cardenas, and most important, by Dr. Joseph Maroon.

2018 was a pivotal year for Bryan’s future as his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment is set to expire in September and he would not have any restrictions leaving the company and wrestling elsewhere.

The announcement of Bryan’s clearance will be the focal point of tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live, where Bryan was already scheduled to appear in Dallas.

His return should play an impactful role on this year’s WrestleMania card, which takes place from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, the site of Bryan’s memorable title victory at WrestleMania 30 in 2014.

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Great news for Bryan, as you could tell from his barely veiled comments that more than anything he just wanted to be in the ring. I wonder how much this has to do with his contract coming up and the fact that other doctors outside WWE had already cleared him. I assume he was ready to just leave and go somewhere else, because it seems that he really loves what he does and was willing to give up guaranteed money to do it. Regardless, happy to see if he can make it another few years or if this is simply going to be a short term “farewell” stint.

Would have loved to have that Miz feud ready for Mania.

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So are surprises banned in the WWE now? Imagine if he had just run in and suplexed somebody on SD and that was how everyone learned he was cleared

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I’m calling Bryan teaming with Shane at WrestleMania against KO and Zayn. I think one of or both of Pollock and Wai predicted that on last week’s RASD.

I’m more interested to see if they treat Bryan as a full-timer or do they use him sporadically like Brock or Shane.

I know I would love to see Bryan challenge for the WWE title against AJ at SummerSlam in August.

This is holy shit news!!!


Maybe AJ is out and Bryan is in v Nakamura

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The booking seems pretty obvious. Bryan comes back to say that he always had Sami and Kevin’s back but what they did to Shane was way over the line and now he’s going to team with Shane against them.

The REAL question is - when do we get Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz?


It’s good news and all but not the best way to break. Just thrown out on Not even teased on TV first.

I think Miz - DB would have been a better and more anticipated match instead of the likely tag match at WrestleMania.

Instead of the triple threat match, an IC title match between Finn and Seth with the Miz - DB grudge match would make for a really deep card at ‘Mania.

They want to get people to watch Smackdown tonight.

Sure, but you let that build. Bryan is the GM of SmackDown. Miz is the IC Champ on Raw. They’ve had nothing to do with each other for months and months. You can always go back to that. Bryan has been part of the Shane/KO/Sami storyline for a long time and this is the obvious payoff.

Great now in have to watch fanboys and haters go back and forth on Bryan’s spot for the foreseeable future…welp should update this gif

I called this way back in January when they started using Bryan in this feud. So wouldn’t be surprise if this lead to either a three way or a tag match at mania and i’m hoping for the tag match more because at less they can ease him in and make the mistake they did the last time they let him return by letting him go full board and risk his health in the process.

From what i’ve read, While WWE as cleared him to return to the ring, they won’t use him on a full schedule and he’S pretty much in the Kurt Angle position of being a special attraction they can use if they need something big for a event which is the right way to use him at this stage. We all know that Bryan won’t want to change his style even if he knows the risk that comes with it, so at less that way, you risk to minimize to risk that something really bad happens on their watch and they get blame for it.

So i’m glad that Bryan is getting his dream of coming back in the ring but i hope that he’s not going to be a full time wrestler in WWE involve on every PPV because at this stage, just like angle or undertaker, i don’t want Bryan to get seriously hurt just because he wanted to have a full schedule. Use him for dream matches scenario if need be, hope that he’s going to resign when his contract is up.

Why would Bryan be written off tv?

His current deal isn’t up until September

I’m happy this happen. I feel that there are still quite a few years left in Bryan Danielson. Thinking of all of the possible match ups he can have. This could be like when HBK came back and had stellar matches for the next ten years.

I hope you’re right. I’m little iffy about Daniel Bryan’s chances of getting another concussion, and the possibility of catastrophic damage.

I’m assuming we will see him change his style. At least I hope so

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