The WWE commentary teams

We all know that WWE loves the three man booth and that’s it’s not going to change anytime soon, at less for the english side of commentary. We also know that this isn’t working especially on Raw. A commentary booth as always worked better as a two man team.

So what i’m proposing here is let’s fantasy booked the commentary team for all five WWE shows You can either stick with 2 of the guys they have right now or replace somebody it’s you’re choice.

So Let’s start with Raw: We got the Team of Michael Cole, Cory Graves and Johnathan Coachman

In this scenario, i’m taking the Coach out of the team and sticking with Cole and Graves. They seem to have great chemistry between the 2 and could tell a better story if it was just them 2. As for Coach, Keep him around, i could see him be a interviewers for the heels and keep Charli for the babyfaces.

Smackdown: We have Tom Phillips, Baron Saxton and Cory Graves.

This is a hard one for me Because i’m a fan of Saxton but he’s a better play by play guy then a color commentator. In the end i would keep Tom Phillips and Baron saxton together for now until i find a better Color guy. Then Saxton would be ship to main event with david otunga.

NXT: We got Mauro Ranallo, Nigel mcguiness and Percy Watson

I would take Nigel out and either have Mauro Teams up with Percy or replace Percy With Booker T or guest commentator every week.

The reason nigel is out is that is style doesn’t fit well With Mauro’s style. Mauro need somebody that going to be as over the top as he is, That’s why him and JBL worked so well on Smackdown. The reason why i keep Percy is that he might be able to be this over the top color guy if they let him some space to bring that charisma that he use to have as a wrestler to his commentary. If that doesn’t work, then just bring him whatever legends that want to be on the commentary team during the week of tapings.

205 Live/Main event: Right Now we have Nigel Mcguisness Vic Joseph and Percy Watson on both shows.

Like i mention before for main event, just use Baron saxton with David Otunga since at this point the show isn’t important and most week it’s just a way to get some of the cruiserweight on tv plus give a chance to the lower card guys from raw to have tv time.

As for 205 Live, Keep Vic Joseph and Nigel together. They we’re good together when they first started doing the show, so why not continue with the 2 of them. Percy really doesn’t serve any purpose on that show.

Nigel s a perfect colour guy. He already travels with them on Tuesdays. He should be used , at least on Smackdown.

In the realm of possibilities (otherwise I would have Corey and Mauro everywhere). I don’t like the three men booth especially when they add a wrestler as a guest commentator.

Raw : Corey/Vic (I hate Cole so much)

Smackdown : Nigel/Tom

NXT : Percy/Mauro

Interesting thread. I think the 3 man booth can work IF everyone knows their roles and is put in the best position to succeed (and a 70-year old man isn’t more concerned about getting jokes off than the quality of the product). But going with the 2-man set up and using the available talent (although honestly I’d take Kevin Kelly over almost anyone currently behind a WWE mic) here’s my picks:

Raw - Cole & JBL
Not only is Raw the “A-Show”, but it’s also the status quo show. JBL & Cole always worked pretty well together (even when the material they were given was garbage). Plus I think separating Cole from Graves benefits both Michael & Corey who tend to feel redundant at times.

SmackDown - Graves & McGuiness
Two relatively young but extremely knowledgeable announcers would be great for SDL (especially with the impending transition to Fox). I’d personally switch out Graves for Mauro, but I know the company (and a lot of fans) are high on the dude…So it makes sense to keep Corey here and pair him with someone that can connect to that mainstream Fox sports viewer.

NXT - Mauro & Booker
Shucky. Ducky. Mamma. Mia! I think the interplay between these two would be fun. Mauro’s more than capable of steering the ship, and hearing Booker’s perspective as a former competitor AND current trainer could add something to the show. I think Mauro can also call Booker on his silly comments without being an ass like Corey & Cole.

205 - Phillips & Coachman
We’re paying Coach a pretty penny to be here, might as well use him. I think much like Mauro & Booker, a different (better?) partner can bring the best out of Coach.

Main Event - Saxton & Otunga
Byron deserves better…Otunga doesn’t.

As for Percy, he’d join Renee & Charlie as a backstage interviewer.



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For me it would be;

Raw - Phillips/Graves. They have chemistry from NXT and more importantly,they still have credibility, unlike Cole and Booker. Both are young too, so you could get years out of them as a main commentary team.

SmackDown/205 Live- Joseph/McGuiness. I like what little I’ve heard of Joseph and I think McGuiness is great. Might as well keep the 205 Live team together if both shows tape on the same day too.

NXT -Mauro/Watson. Mauro suits NXT’s bigger emphasis on wrestling for me and has credibility when talking about indie wrestlers/MMA backgrounds etc, which is a great introduction for new talent. I like Watson, think he’s improved a lot and prefer him to Otunga/Saxton/Coachma as the third man in the booth. That said, if we can cheat and replace him with Steve Corino…replace him with Steve Corino :grinning:

Main Event etc - hire new commentators :grinning:

I’d never use Cole, Booker, Otunga or Coachman again personally, but for ME, try Saxton and Otunga. I’m not watching it though :grinning:

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