The Young Bucks appear on a new episode of Matt Hardy's 'Free The Delete' series

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A new episode of Matt Hardy’s ‘Free The Delete’ series premiered on Hardy’s official YouTube channel. During the video, Hardy was on his cell phone and said, “I need you two to come to the Hardy Compound” and at the end of the video, a black truck pulled up to Hardy’s home and inside the vehicle were The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

On the latest episode of Being The Elite, The Young Bucks received a call from a number with a North Carolina area code.

On March 2nd, Matt Hardy stated via his YouTube channel that his WWE contract officially expired. WWE acknowledged Matt’s situation and wished him well on his future endeavors. Hardy said that he’d have his eyes on WWE, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance and several other companies and promotions as he embarks on his free agency journey.

On last night’s edition of WWE Backstage on FS1, Matt’s brother, Jeff Hardy announced that he’s cleared to return to in-ring competition and when asked about Matt departing from WWE, Jeff said he has not spoken to Matt about that specifically but he thinks it’s cool that he and Matt can do their own thing in separate places.

Bucks of Youth
I Knew You’d Come


Aewsome! I hope he debuts tonight! But I doubt that he is going to be the exalted one.

This was said to be the first part of the multi-part series finale. Is there a chance the cameo is a temporary misdirection and he also interacts with members of other companies (ROH, TNA, NWA).

I do think he ultimately lands with AEW as it would seem highly unlikely for the Bucks to agree to be part of this without having him come work AEW, but perhaps he isn’t full time or signed and can do some other things as he is a free agent.

I’m not a big AEW fan but if Matt is the exalted one, that plus orange cassidy would be two reasons to watch for me.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say Kenny Omega is going to be revealed as the Exalted One. I have this funny feeling.

Not sure I would enjoy this very much. This would feel too WWE to me.

This is wonderful, much like green beans,delightful

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The Dark Order suddenly becoming the #1 ranked team, made this an even bigger possibility for me. I think we get Hangman & Omega vs Dark Order and Omega turns and Dark Order win the tag titles, then revealing that Kenny is the Exalted One.

This then leads to Omega vs Hangman & Dark Order vs Bucks at DoN.

This probably wont happen, but I’ve convinced myself it is what I want now.

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