Hey all, Lawrence Haber from New Jersey here! I’m a professional Bass Player who gigs around the tri-state area and have been listening to John and Wai, on my way to gigs for years! Love Post Wrestling. Anyway, here is my entry into the contest, named after the musical style I was going for. Hope you like it.

“Wai Funky Wednesdays” by Lawrence Haber
After Wednesday Night
You’ll find the best insight
Blow up your phone
Post Wrestling’s John and Wai
Will discuss Tony K
And the Elite
Now let’s hear what they have to say

My vote is for Jacob, with Brent being a close second. Frankly I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

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Chris from Melbourne here, with help from my amazing partner Dasha who lent a hand, her other hand, and her voice, to form the tag-team of "CHRIS AND DASHA FROM MELBOURNE"

Designed to fade out as you guys talk over it, the outro can be made longer or shorter if need be.

Stand up, it’s time to fight!
It’s Wednesday night!

Your fighting spirit and your might!
Leap and take flight!
Sky high, Luchasaurus height!

Scream, cheer, rejoice, and sing!
Hear the bell ring!
What will tonight’s show bring?

Everyone is listening
to POST Wrestling,
with John Pollock and Wai Ting!

They’ve got the fuse
If you’ve got the light
Hit the switch on TNT
and Rewind-a-Dynamite!


Er—anyone able to help me with embedding the player from Soundcloud link directly into a post like the above??

Hello. Daniel Perry here from London with an entry for this delightful competition.

The song is to give that more upbeat catchy rock n roll track to wake everyone up midway through the intense wrestling week that currently is. With the Raw and Smackdown themes having that more catchy mellower poppy approach (I love them by the way), I thought a bit of a difference would be something that keeps the catch hooks but rocks it out a little.

Anyway, it’s short, to the point and has enough of a sound bed to fade out from. Here are the lyrics:

"Light the fuse, get close to the flame,
For John, there’s only one Wai,
Mercury Day, ready to fight,
Rewind-A-Dynamite yeah!

Rewind. Rewind. Rewind-A-Dynamite yeah
Rewind. Rewind. Rewind-A-Dynamite yeah"

Plug - you can check out my band here if one so desires:


These submissions a insanely awesome! Use them all!


I won’t throw a vote out for any specific submission, but honestly like everyone should be commended… This is good stuff!

So many differing styles!

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Fantastic work everyone.

If I had to choose so far I’d vote for Jacob’s entry as that’s been the most catchy to me so far (BUBBLY!), but it’s very close. Great work all around.

I am waiting for someone to insert BOOM! Shake the Room, so I can give my vote than.

Ok so I have my entry but please bare with me whilst I unsuccessfully try and post it via soundcloud multiple times…

Best I can do in terms of posting it, but if someone wants to teach me I’d welcome it.


Walking down the road, AirPods in my ears
John and Wai Ting who I wanna hear
Mondays are Raw, Friday Smackdown on Fox
With lots in between cos their Patreon rocks

It’s Dynamite (dynamite) x2

Now its Wednesday night, maybe Thursday for you
Johns on the mic, and Ting is too
The TNT is in place and the fuse is lit
It may look like Raw but the booking ain’t shit

It’s Dynamite (Dynamite) x2

It’s Rewind a Dynamite…


If you just post the link without any code etc the forum will automatically make it into a player

These are all freaking awesome. Nice work everyone, wish I had some musical talent to join in

Hey guys, here is my try for the AEW theme song contest.

My name is Pascal, I’m from Montreal.
You guys gave me the opportunity to combine 2 of my passions: wrestling and playing harmonica.

So this is my attempt, the lyrics are below and you may hear a little harmonica…

Had fun doing this, hope you enjoy it.

Hit the lights
And start The action

Love The feuds
Love The factions

Dragon sleepers meteora
Frankensteiner, hurricanrana

From the top rope to the sky
Omg please dont die

John and Wai hold the belt high
Lets review a dynamite

John and wait are dynamite


I’m gonna throw a vote for Jacob because I think it’s very close to the sound I would expect from a post wrestling podcast. It just has the right feel to it. And the lyrics are very well done too.

Really tough , lots of great submissions. Well done everyone!

Hell-o! Here’s my submission. Hope it gets your “stamp” of approval.

John Polluck
And Wai Ting
POST Wrestling
Here we go

It’s Wednesday night
What’s on your mind?
It’s time to rewind
Rewind a Dynamite

With the hosts that we trust the most
If it happened on the show, it’s all in the notes
Light your podcast app to The Six
Canada, Ontario, Toronto, The Office


So many good entries I’m excited to see what’s chosen, good luck all.

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Here’s a silly song that’s as different as the show it was written about:

John and Wai are sippin’ lattes
Perhaps a vintage Cabernet
There’s no overrun for now
So sit back and recline
Rewind A Dynamite


So many talented people here. I like Jacob and Callum’s entries, both would be great.

Well,well,well what do we have here.A new challenger emerges