Things that should happen at All Out

Here the top things after last night that should happen at All Out

  1. Punk and Darby recreate Hogan/Rock - It has to happen. There’s never been an opportunity to re-create the beginning of that match with the fans going crazy. If anyone can do it, these two can that night

  2. jungle boy wins title - Yes the young bucks are probably better as long term champions but they have tried many times with jungle boy to get him so close and then fail. It’s time even with a short reign. I think he should get it done and it would be a massive pop at the midway point this PPV while people wait for punk. we know otherwise there won’t many title changes with the men’s and women’s matches as stinkers, but this is an opportunity to do it

  3. There has to be a NJPW wrestler run in - Far too many teases at the last NJPW show with Jay white, Tanahashi, Suzuki, and Osprey. Somebody should be here in some capacity even for a run in

  4. Thunder Rosa or bust - The women’s casino battle royale to set up the next challenger either has to be thunder Rosa or someone new. I don’t know of any women that are out there and available but if there is those are the only two logical choices (maybe Tessa?)

  5. Malachi Black has to make his presence known - I would have him nail CM punk after punk beats Darby. He needs something to make a statement at this paper view as he’s not going to be booked it appears. He has been hot and to keep him going he needs a big feud. He needs an opponent of Punk level caliber especially with Omega as a heel

I think Proud and Powerful should take the titles at Arthur Ashe.

I’m hoping for Jay White or Will Ospreay to set up a match with Moxley for All Out.

If Punk wins to end the night and then the lights go out and Malakai Black lays him out with the Black Mass, that would be amazing.

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Hopefully the set for All Out will be more impressive than the one for summerslam.

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Do people honestly care what the set looks like?

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A lot of people think Ruby Riott (now Ruby Soho) will be getting the Joker slot. I’d like to see Mercedes Martinez brought in as well as a veteran presence for the women’s division, though it may not work for All Out with her non-compete. I agree that Thunder Rosa should be the next challenger out of this, since it looks like Kris Statlander is going to challenge Dr. Baker on the show.

They obviously very much do or no one would’ve posted about it.

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Yeah I heard that too. I wouldn’t put ruby riot as anything but C level player in people’s eyes right now.

I don’t think her winning makes sense but she could be the joker. I think outside of thunder Rosa if someone’s going to win it has to be a huge name and I can only really think of Tessa

I don’t know if anyone is interested in signing Tessa.

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Totally disagree. She was great outside of WWE and now that she won’t be scripted to sound like a moron I think she could be a big star.

I think the Lucha Bros are getting the tag shots at All Out and losing because of interference from Andrade’s new back up.

Agree that it should be Ospreay.

Rosa probably should win but I don’t think they have to rush that match at all. Let Bakers title run breathe a bit before going to that match

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I think Ruby can be great but I think she needs some time to establish her self she was very damaged in WWE. I don’t think her coming in winning a battle Royal and getting a title shot is the way to do that.

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Yeah I agree there, she would be a nice surprise but doesn’t need to win. I’d like to see Shida or Serena Deeb get a longer run with Baker.

I think the WWE stenches ruined her. She was a jobber end who vandalized rooms with a ketchup bottles.

Needs to rebuilt before being thrown into a title match right away. She’s not on the same level as Mox who was a world champ and huge star there and booked bad. She was booked bad and not even a minor star.

Totally agree but she can go in the ring and will not be scripted to say and do stupid things in AEW. Also has a big fan base from when she was on the indies.

If she’s in the battle royal she should have a good showing and almost win. Then rebuild her from there.

The vignettes she posted were really well done and so much better than anything WWE would have ever done for her. It’s a good sign

Christian should be a late scratch after a recap videoed the feud backstage. Then we get Kenny’s entrance. Followed by a long winded segment that both kills time and results in Daniel Bryan coming out with no notice and then squashing Kenny in 20 seconds.


Malakai Black should kick out of 25 super-kicks and be electrocuted before finally losing via ref stoppage

Definitely want a Miro title defense to end in an injury with hopefully Arm Andederson

@Alex_Patel I know you said you were hesitant to purchase this PPV after the weak main event was announced (same here). Have you decided to order?

Personally I am going to order, between Punk vs Darby and Danielson likely to debut thats enough for me.


Yup I’m ordering. They got me with the Punk build and Daniel Bryan debuting. Still not interested in Omega match or women’s title but Jericho and MJF, tag title match and Punk have my interest


I think a dead giveaway on what’s going to happen is the match order.

If they close with Christian and omega you can pretty much bet your house that Daniel Bryan is coming out at the end to confront Omega. They wouldn’t close otherwise with a match that has a foregone conclusion and a weak challenger.

I’m wondering if you guys think the YES chants will hijack the entire show? It’s a bit of a risk with something like this and they were able to mitigate it with CM punk by having him come out first on rampage. However if they hold off Daniel Bryan to confront Kenny Omega at the end do you start hearing the YES chants during the entire show?

I don’t think the Yes chants even happen. Until maybe the end of the show. This isn’t WWE where the fans aren’t listened to and feel they have to rebel.

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