Things you want after listening to John and Wai

I love coffee and have never seen a Tim Horton’s in my life. I want to try the half coffee half hot chocolate

I’m such a slut for Riverdale. It’s like if Dawson’s Creek and Twin Peaks had a baby and it was raised on Archie comics, fashion shows and indie cinema. It’s gorgeous to look at, populated entirely by impossibly pretty people and ridiculously overblown; think The OC but way more dark and brooding and backlit in neon.

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Never watched any of those show, but had friends that loved all of them (Twin Peaks is on the list of things to watch). Like I said, I really want to watch Riverdale, just need to sell my fiance on it, since I already dominate the TV with all my other dumb hobbies.

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I got to agree any time I listen to john and wai I feel like I need a timmies. Also I agree with the above comment that we need an interview between John and Wai’s dad.

If your fiance is into any kind of teen drama then they’ll like Riverdale. It’s has a mystery plotline running through it too so it’s really fun to watch along with someone cos you can compare ideas of where it’s going and who you think did the bad thing this season.

I’ll stop trying to sell it to you now. :rofl:

I want to go back to grade 2. Whats a forward slash and a back slash? What’s 24 divided by 15? The place in my brain that had all this information has been replaced with useless wrestling trivia.

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I want to go down a Wikipedia hole of reading about the band P.O.D.

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I want to forget that POD was ever a thing.

TIm Horton’s is a simple coffee shop, serving basic drip coffee. In terms of quality, it’s considered a tier below Starbucks here in Canada. Though you can have much worse.

That said, Timbits are totally worth checking it out for, if you like sugar. Not the plain ones though, those suck.

I liked one of their albums,no idea what is was called so obviously didnt like it that much.

i went back and listened to the one song i really liked as a kid, it was the song from the matrix reloaded.

anyways, listened to it again. what the hell was i thinking?

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Was it “School of Hard Knocks”? I feel like that was a P.O.D. album title.

I usually go back and watch either Raw or Smackdown the parts they enjoyed. Really can’t sit for 3 hours and watch Raw. Smackdown is ok most of the time but I am usually working when on