Thinking of giving away Summerslam tickets

I am really not feeling this build up and card and it seems like a complete waste of time.

I don’t want to see Brock vs Seth

I don’t care about Natty

I don’t care about Orton vs Kofi

I don’t care about Shane vs Owens

Really disappointed. The seats are in 321 row 1 which is dead centre across the ring. If someone is interested in them let me know. Will let them go at cost if we don’t go

I don’t believe you.

Be careful. Those tickets I gave away for G1 Supercard @ MSG would up being sold. Some bad lurkers here.

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Wow…what a scumbag thing to do. Who was it?

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I’ll take them if you don’t go.

If you just want face value the easiest and most secure method would be to just return them to/sell them on the marketplace of the ticket outlet.

Wow really?? I Remeber you giving them away. That guy sold them??

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