This is why I hate Vince McMahon

Um… not getting into how stupid it is for Keith Lee to be lumped in this group. But why would you call them up to begin with, then?

Does this mean that NXT is failing as the developmental system and its main purpose is that it’s to mess with AEW.

Could imagine Adam and Drew going to Keith and saying “Yeah we know, just go somewhere and do something else”.

Also is this the same Keith Lee that they saw fit to beat Randy Orton in under 8 minutes at Payback

Same Keith Lee they just ran a Network special on.

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Gotta work that rest hold better.

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What does Vince want them getting a refresher on? Chain wrestling? Promo’s? Mat Work?

Gorilla press slams and abs. Needs those abs.

Joking aside, since Drew Gulak is the one doing the training, I assume it’s mat based stuff.

Drew Gulak, good enough wrestler to train, not good enough to get a real shot


Gulak was head trainer at both the CZW academy and the Chikara Wrestle-Factory. He’s very well rounded and can teach basically any style.

That aside, the idea that Lee needs any retraining is ludicrous.


Kinda joking, kinda not. Vince is still a body guy, that won’t change and it sucks for the wrestlers that aren’t 6’4" and jacked that are great wrestlers. And it sucks for fans that want to watch these guys perform.

I don’t really watch Raw or SmackDown because it’s not something I enjoy anymore, there’s clearly a fan base out there, but just not this guy.


I never think it’s a bad idea for anyone to continue learning and honing their craft, but I agree. The idea of Keith Lee needing to “retrain” is ludicrous. I am curious to get more context though as exactly what Vince was mad about.

I agree. I wish Vince gave guys like Ricochet even half the push that he gives guys like Lars Sullivan, Chris Masters, Gene Snitsky, Great Khali etc.

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Him doing too much “205 stuff”, I guess. Which, to an extent I agree with, but there must be something different for everyone that you should expect him doing in every match. For Lee this would be doing some crazy athletic move here or there. But what do I know.

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Never been a big fan of Keith Lee but his in ring work isn’t really a problem. If they can get him speaking more naturally on the mic rather than over enunciating every word then great.

I too found the overenunciation annoying at first, then it grew on me and I began to find it matched his mannerisms and body language well. Which is weird because it’s such snobby heel delivery but suits him as a baby.

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Imagine these guys coming back as a stable of absolute killers with Gulak as their mouthpiece?

I can dream…

Retribution 2.0

Looking at all the names now looks more like fat camp than Vince wanting them to be aces like Thatcher and Gulak etc. I forgot how on day one Lee had to wear a chest covering when he was always shirtless and impressive on NXT.

VINCE is completely out of touch. This isnt the 80s anymore. I would prefer to see diversity in bodies, gender, ethnicity etc. An old roided up white guy’s view of wrestling is passe today.


I always thought vince didn’t really give a shit or even understand good in ring work.

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