This is why we are losing the fight with COVID

For anyone who didn’t see this - a player who tested positive mid game for COVID came out an hour later to celebrate without a mask.

If you have this attitude that it’s not big deal let me provide a snapshot of our ICU right now

-40yr old with COVID died yesterday
-2 additional patients under age 35 with COVID.
-1 patient age 46
-in total 15 patients when we had 2 about 3 weeks ago

Yes - the disease kills mainly the old and already sick. But it isn’t exclusive. It still does kill some healthy young people and the more people you infect the more young people will die.

If you have COVID or think you have been exposed please get tested and stay the f-k home and don’t be like this idiot


Thank you Alex. I appreciate you caring enough to share your personal experiences with us here.

I hope you’re staying safe, and work isn’t getting too overwhelming.


This is a perfect example why pro athletes should not be considered as role models for us to aspire to be like. Alex your a role model, thanks buddy!


I think the scariest part of this thing is the after effects it has on the cured folks. I’ve heard some really disturbing stuff…

But yeah, people are extremely STUPID. And then there are the “politicians” that are doing just the most horrible and deplorable things to gain something out of all this mess.

The world is a cesspool.

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Remember the line “buy real estate when there’s blood in the street?” So many mega corporations are going to buy up all of the small companies that are forced to close.
Overall, I think as we see more environmental issues that are born of our hyper-capitalistic ways, we need to envision something new. The old ways are not working. But that takes an enormous amount of courage. You need Obama+ levels of charisma to sell people on doing things differently.
First step should be highly regulated/shut down factory farms. Most people might go for this, but not when the price of meat goes up.

I just want to understand, how is it you didn’t have the test done before the game. I’m sorry but if Turner’s test wasn’t processed at that point, you either delay the game by one day, or he isn’t allowed to play… and for any of those who would complain on the net that ti wouldn’t be fair to the Dodgers, welcome to the world of sports when players get scratched before games.
The fact that afterwords players were defending allowing Turner to celebrate with the rest of the team was just insane and pathetic.

What a perfect AND sad ending to the MLB 2020 season: failure to process testing before the game started, removed the player mid-game, then the player comes back on the field to celebrate with his team, and the team defends it as if we were to believe all along the players actually cared about protocols for their own safety.

I’m with you @CorSec99 - how do you not have the tests returned and validated BEFORE the game even started? to avoid the embarrassment of delaying the game? I guess taking it serious would be inconvenient to the TV schedule, but this certainly became a joke (not the funny kind) by the end of the night. They avoided needing to postpone Game 7 which may have been more MLB 2020 than this, though hard to say. Frankly I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t sit on the test and let it slide into the ether after the game ended.

I’m also with @Brad_The_Archivist that the considering Pro Athletes are role models is comical

BTW, everyone who was quick to praise the NBA (myself included) are going to look silly when they begin the 2021 season in the Winter and this COVID thing is full blown, only this time in their home arenas and cities because of money. Let’s never forget why they play, and it isn’t for the fans.


I hope you and your family are doing OK Alex.

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Thanks for asking! So far we have been okay. Wishing everyone good health during this time


This was such a disaster. I never thought that of my two sport-related interests it’d be baseball rather than wrestling failing the low bar of “don’t allow a COVID positive athlete into the field of play”. An utter embarrassment for the league. Obviously we don’t know all the grimy details, but I feel bad for the security who had to deal with this. Try explaining to a young white multi-millionaire who’s been told he’s special and has god-given talent since he was 15 or 16 that he can’t do something…

Anyway, keep fighting the good fight, Alex. :fist:


I know staying home is the best idea, but it’s too easy an answer.

I would like to know what you guys would do if you have to go out. You see, we normally go out to buy food. Without food, you’ll die of hunger. We need to also replenish our supplies of blank DVDs to back up our data. I use my local library to borrow DVDs, both educational and entertaining. At night, my mother and I go out for walks because we need exercise (note: we won’'t be able to do this anymore in a month so maybe you can scratch that).

In those instances, there are a few things we always follow: put on face coverings (it’s mandated), check and practise social distancing, wash hands after pee and poop before you touch your face, and wash dirty masks. I may be an “outer” but I’m not foolish.

If there’s anyone that can share safety strategies should it be that you need to buy something, please share it.

So while we know outdoors is safer than indoors everyone needs to go out at some point for food and supplies etc

Some tips

  1. Wear masks when indoors
  2. Maintain distance indoors of 6 feet from other people
  3. Wash hands after leaving the store

While the items you bring hone can be washed or wiped that’s not a major way people are getting it. Primarily it’s from in person droplet contact or particles in areas of poor ventilation.

As such going at times when it’s less crowded and sticking to keeping distance from people In the store will be the safest.

Ultimately the largest way this is spread is still from indoor gatherings and workplaces where people are more lax to eat etc.

Be safe!


Yeah, no kidding!

Fortunately, we don’t make a habit of eating in other places - the food are fattening and I can’t afford to spend enormous amounts of money to eat fatty foods, not to mention physically.

I haven’t been to video arcades so I have no problems there as well. Or sporting events. Basically anywhere where you can be sure that I don’t go, so no, I don’t think I will worry about that.

Well, thanks for the thread, Alex. Sometimes, we need a little kick in our complacency. The COViD Boogeyman is staying, whether it’s night or day, a restaurant or a baseball diamond.

EDIT: I guess it’s “wear masks and socially distance as much as you can.”

EDIT: Question: does boarding an unfilled bus with 5-7 people seem to be a commendable idea at this time?

@Alex_Patel we are lucky out here in PEI. No cases of Covid currently but the 56 some odd cases we have had have all been people who travelled outside of our Atlantic Bubble (New Brunswick/PEI/Nova Scotia) and typically were “essential workers” travelling for their jobs or seasonal out of country workers entering the province. We have had no community spread, we wear masks in public and life is pretty much normal here with minimal restrictions. Everyone has to follow the plan for it to work successfully. Our Chief Public Health office has been strict with enforcement but it has kept us safe. Laughably, the opposite can be said for Quebec, Ontario, BC and Manitoba now.

Between stubborn people who wont comply with public health orders and immigrants who may not understand why they need to socially distance or wear masks because they may clash with their religious beliefs or cultural norms or maybe simply a language barrier, the PHO and Provincial Governments MUST crack down hard to protect everyone longterm. Leaving people to their own devices will be the provinces shortcoming when the numbers explode and the health care system winds up overloaded and ultimately fails. Being originally from Ontario, I frequently follow the news in the GTA and while Doug Ford has done a good job more needs to be done to quash the daily increases. If its full blown lockdown and the province has to bail people out due to lack of income so be it. Maybe its time to reconsider the gold standard or the barter system cause you know, polymer money has no real cash value. It worked before and could work again in lieu of economic collapse in those provinces.

I live in the GTA, Stygian666, so I know what you mean.

I too don’t know why people here don’t adhere to social distancing or wear a mask when they go out. One of my neighbours in my apartment are like that; just saw him a few days ago, and without a mask. He says, well, “flu kills more people,” and that “all you have to do is exercise and eat well.” He’s a nice guy, don’t get me wrong, but he comes off to being an idiot. I was luck I was off 2 metres away from him.

Now a question: Stygian666, do you wear your mask when you board a bus and practise social distancing while there? I ask because I need to go somewhere.

Hi All.
Newish member. First time posting.

I live in the Detroit Metro Area and we’re unfortunately seeing numbers trending consistently upward over the last few weeks.
As COVID started to take hold in the state, our Governor had enacted a series of Executive Orders that put us into a lockdown. Those were slowly lifted away as we moved through the summer and “things started to get better.” For the most part, during all of this, I saw a lot of people following the Orders. Wearing a mask. Limiting gatherings, etc.
Unfortunately, the Orders were challenged and struck down by the State Supreme Court as unconstitutional.
Several County Health and Human Services quickly acted to institute mask mandates, but a lot of other things slid away and there’s no consistency between what some are doing as opposed to others. Additionally, because there was no “State Mandate” and people viewed the Court striking down the governor’s order as a “victory for freedom” there’s been a lot of vocal and aggressive pushback against wearing a mask.
Through it all, and probably the biggest red flags for me, is the overall lack of care towards the pandemic and enforcement of any mask wearing, by anyone other than those trying to be responsible citizens or business owners trying to protect their employees and customers.

The lack of empathy and consideration for others health and safety because “I don’t wanna wear a mask” disguised under this “You’ll never take my freedom” bs is truly disheartening.


Where does Americans feeling the need to congregate post election to celebrate or demonstrate rank in the family feud system of why we are losing the fight with COVID?

Also, has anyone seen a COVID counter this week? Seemingly ended being part of regular broadcasts. I know it’s an election but this is a short attention span, what have you done for me lately society.

I know yesterday on CNN there was a bunch of Covid talk - especially since there had been another record setting day. As well, Biden and Harris attended a briefing on Covid in the afternoon.

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I must have missed the COVID talk while taking a break from non stop Magic Wall

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Look, it wasn’t the focal point of the broadcast, but they did discuss that the pandemic was ongoing. They used it as a point of showing the dichotomy between Biden and Trump - where as one is president and not even having Covid updates given to him - while Biden may become president and was already jumping into it.

And they stressed how terrible the numbers are getting.

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