Thoughts on Asuka leading a heel faction

Quick thought… With the whole “Historic” Evolution PPV occurring, what’s the chance that Asuka spearheads a heel female faction consisting of Kairi, Io, and Meiko Satamura? Granted, I know the WWE’s record on their treatment towards foreign heel wrestlers or factions.
But it will also create a great opposition for Rhonda, Charlotte, and/or either of the Horsewomen groups.

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Kinda don’t see that happening at less not with these girls. First of all Io and Meiko Satamura aren’T known to the WWE audience and since the May young cllassic will be aired around the time of the evolution PPV, it doesn’t really give fans enough time to know them. Kairi is a Babyface and as a babyface look so it would be really hard to make fans believe she a heel even if you change everything about here and Asuka, let’S face it she could pull off a heel turn because she’s already doing kinda a self center character anyway but would fans buy the heel turn, that’S another question. So personally i don’t really see how a heel Japanese faction with these four women could work.


Thanks for the response. I stumbled on the la Triade vs Pentagon highlights on YouTube and thought it would be pretty cool. I don’t expect it to happen anytime in ‘18, but would be awesome next year.

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Evolution…unite all women…split them up into factions based on race.:thinking:

🖒 I see no problem


Yeah, I can see how this can be considered race-baiting. But it can also be Asuka teaming up with women, with similar fighting backgrounds, whooping ass on the division.

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3 words…Kai En Tai.

If you think mcmahon thinks like this…it’s not even close to what most rasslin fans think.

I’ve seent it.

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Who’s going to cut promos for them?

Pritchard gets to reprise another role

The fans won’t care. Just like they do with Asuka now.

LOL fans sound pretty invested in her.

Not like they’re chanting boring at her like they do for the IIconics

I wouldn’t mind a heel turn in general, at least.

I think everyone needs to be a heel. Seems like almost every wrestler sucks at being a face and are much better at being a heel. Seems debuting as a face is almost death and it is just a matter of time until you fail and they turn you heel and “they are so much better now”.