Three months to go and we dont have a baby name

This is our 4th child,other 3 have wrestlers names,cant settle on a name for this one.Must have a wrestling link,we dont know if its a boy or girl.


I’m determined to find a perfect dog and name it after Kota Ibushi

What are the other names of your children?

My wife liked the name “Rowan Harper” for a girl… until she happened to be in the room for a Bludgeon Brothers vignette. We had a boy, so I missed my chance.

Boy: Papa Shango
Girl: Luna Vachon


You’re a braver man than I was naming kids after any kind of celebrity. There are so many examples of kids being named after their favorite athletes only to be really embarrassed by it later.

I would go with something generic like John. That way if John Cena ends up going to jail for something in the future there are plenty of backup John’s you can say you named him after (John Moxley, Johnny Gargano, etc.)



Boy: Alistair
Girl: Charlotte

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Boy: Roman
Girl: alexa

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You can go with Becky since she’s The Man

Roman is out because i cant stand him, Alexa is out because it sounds more like an Amazon speaker

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That’s my Wife’s name.

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Peyton is a nice name in general and works for either a boy or girl.

Your Wife is definitely The Man for having 4 children! Props to her and congratulations to both of you!

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You could name it The Child Experience.

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Now I just want a tag team named the Toddler Experience” with a finisher called “Go the F*** to sleep.”


Let me try again

Boy: Seth
Girl: Sasha

Works for either gender

If it’s a boy, call him Norton.

OK, he might be bullied in school but imagine if he turns out as badass as Scott Norton!

I haven’t seen it suggested yet so for a boy Owen is pretty good.

For a girl: AJ (Ashley James?)

I really wanted owen but it was vetoed, AJ is being considered for a boy

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