Thunder Rosa doesn't think she'll be cleared any time soon & needs another MRI, reacts to Britt Baker

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She’ll give more of her side this coming week. 

The summer of 2022 was the last time Thunder Rosa competed in the ring. The former AEW Women’s World Champion has been dealing with a back injury.

There was a new update from Rosa that she shared at Busted Open Radio’s WrestleMania party and she stated that she does not think she’ll be cleared any time soon and needs another MRI. 

Well, that’s a question that everybody asked me during the signing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t cleared and I don’t think I’m gonna be cleared any time soon. I need another MRI.

After that, Rosa was asked by a co-host of Busted Open if she has anything she wants to address. She responded by saying if people want to hear what she has to say, tune into AEW: All Access on TBS and Busted Open Radio this week. 

She would go on to state that she respects everyone she works with whether they get along or not. Rosa said she’s still part of AEW and doing something important which is being part of the Spanish commentary team. She reiterated that if viewers want to see her full story, watch All Access. 

You guys can watch what I have to say next Wednesday after the show, and if you really, really wanna know what I have to say because that’s the last thing I’m gonna say on Busted Open will be on Friday. But I’m gonna tell you something guys, I have a lot of respect for everybody that has been with me in that ring regardless if I get along with them or not. At the end of the day, we put our lives and our bodies in danger and there’s a point where, you know, some people can say whatever they want and everything else. I stand on my ground, they know what I’ve been through for the last eight months. It hasn’t been easy and I’m back at AEW. I know people are saying, ‘What the f*ck are you doing? Stop taking dumb pictures online.’ Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But at the end of the day it’s this, when your back is not working, I can’t get in the ring and wrestle, but I can do something real good and I have a mic right in front of me and I use it every single Wednesday and I speak Spanish and represent my culture by talking and doing commentary. So I’m still part of AEW. They like it or not, I’m still part of AEW doing something very important which is commentating and I’m bringing something different to the table, and again, if you really wanna see my part in this part of the story, you guys have to watch All Access on Wednesday and I have one more thing that I’m going to say next Friday and that’s all that I’m gonna say but thanks for asking man. Thanks for asking.

Bully Ray then asked Rosa how she feels about Britt Baker. Baker addressed her issues with Rosa on the debut episode of All Access and in media leading up to the show’s premiere. 

Rosa said if someone speaks badly about her, she sends them blessings. When it comes to Baker, Rosa cherishes what they were able to do in their Unsanctioned Lights Out match

Like I said in my song (that I sang earlier), if they don’t speak good about me, it’s good because I send them blessings. 

It’s something that I’ll say and I’ll continue to say. If I wouldn’t have had that (Lights Out) match (with Britt Baker), then a lot of people wouldn’t know who Thunder Rosa is, you know? You gotta give respect to who gives respect. That moment in our careers, we both helped each other to do something different and we were able to elevate each other to a point where we are where we are, right? I mean for so long, I was on the indies grinding and trying to make a name for myself and going on Busted Open so people knew who I was. Knocking on doors and people shutting them completely in my face but that night, I was able to do something beautiful with her and I cherish that. There’s a moment in my career I really cherish and it’s that because it changed the perspective on women’s wrestling in so many ways. But, again, there’s a lot of controversy going on. I am not gonna say anything because I don’t have to say anything. Like I said, I’ve said it multiple times, I’m just gonna send them blessings and there’s something very important that somebody told me and when somebody says something hurtful, when you have the buttons, when you button your shirt, you just let it go to where the button is. It cannot penetrate your heart and penetrate your mind and I’m just gonna keep going and try to be a better person for me, for you guys, for my family and that’s it. That’s all that I can do.

Following Rosa’s response, Bully spoke highly of her and recalled working with her in Ring of Honor. He claims to have told those in ROH that they needed to sign Rosa. 

Ray: I watched you (Thunder Rosa) since your first day you came into Ring of Honor and I saw how passionate you were about everything you did. I saw how aggressive you were in the ring. I saw how seriously you took everything. I told those people at Ring of Honor, ‘Sign her and sign her now.’

Thunder Rosa’s AEW Women’s World Championship reign lasted from March 2022 until late 2022 when she formally relinquished the title

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