Thunder Rosa speaks about AEW on-screen return, shares that she was 'a little scared' about coming back

Originally published at Thunder Rosa speaks about AEW on-screen return, shares that she was 'a little scared' about coming back

Rosa is getting back into the fold.

Scheduled for the December 23rd edition of AEW Collision is Skye Blue and TBS Champion Julia Hart taking on Abadon and the returning Thunder Rosa. Rosa got back into the mix on the 12/16 Collision when she saved Abadon from being beaten down by Blue and Hart. 

Dating back to the summer of 2022, Rosa has been recovering from a back injury and over the last year-plus, she’s provided updates on her status and how she was feeling mentally throughout this portion of her career. 

She joined Busted Open Radio and talked about her return. Rosa feels she never really left because she was always chatting AEW via Busted Open and had been doing commentary for the company’s Spanish broadcasts since February. 

Yeah, just think about it, 500 days. 500 days to be away from the ring and I wanna make it very clear and Mark (Henry) and you (Dave LaGreca) know, I never really left. You know this. I was always on people’s minds, I was always trending on Twitter, I’ve always been here. I’ve been surrounded by people that love me, people that help me like you Mark. All my friends, my family, my community. I also never really left. I was on Busted Open talking about the women’s division, I was on commentary that you guys didn’t see me and that’s one of those things that people are like, ‘Oh, she was on commentary.’ I’ve been working commentary for the Spanish table since February of this year. I’ve been working at AEW tirelessly, representing the women’s division as much as I could, in Mexico talking to athletes, in America talking to other athletes and my singing. I’ve been doing a lot that is not necessarily being in the ring. That was the next step this year. That was like my last thing I wanted to do was to come back in the ring because it’s very important to me. It’s very important because that’s a big way, a big platform for me to represent my people, to tell my people that it is okay to have setbacks but really to fight back and get back in there.

Rosa went on to share that she’s been training since August and progressing little by little. She added that she was a little scared to come back because of the injury she dealt with. 

I’ve been training since August of this year in the ring, little by little, because it’s a progression, right? I have videos. My people on Patreon who if you haven’t subscribed to Patreon, you can see my whole entire journey because I put everything on Patreon. I don’t put it on my social media and free access and you can see the change in my body and the change in my mobility. It was difficult at first to come back because I was scared, I’m not gonna lie. I was a little scared, because, you’re coming from a back injury that didn’t allow you to do side jumping, jump, run and stuff like that and then it’s some of the stuff that you have to relearn again. But again, it’s like, this is the process that I feel will inspire men, women, little girls that if you have a disability or you have something that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

Rosa is a former AEW Women’s World Champion. An interim champion was established when Rosa could not compete and Toni Storm went on to capture the title. Storm is currently reigning as Women’s World Champion. 

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