'Tis The Season...

Hey Brothers (and Sisters)!

I hope everyone’s holiday season is treating them well. Seeing as it’s the season of giving, this thread is about y’all giving to your fellow man…This man, specifically. Lol!

But seriously, I’ve got a couple of requests to ask of you. If you can help, cool…If not, it’s all good!

  1. I know that we have a talented & creative group of individuals in the POST Wrestling community, so I was wondering if any of you guya/girla are particularly skilled when it comes to art (specifically cartooning or figure drawing)? I need that kind of expertise for an upcoming project. If you’ve got those skills & want to help a brother out…Shoot me a DM on here & we can talk!

  2. Branching off of John & Wai’s conversation about life insurance, I wanted to let my fellow POST-Marks know that I’m currently in the final stages of becoming a licensed life insurance agent. So if you or anyone you know is looking for affordable coverage in 2019, slide into those aforementioned DMs!

  3. Finally, I’m looking for feedback on “The Scorpion King”. Yes…THAT “Scorpion King”. What are your thoughts, memories, and opinions of the 2002 classic that jump-started The Rock’s movie career? Leave your feedback here!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of this, gang! Merry Christmas to you & yours! :100:



TNA, 2000’s WCW and now the Scorpion King!? You sir are a brave man.

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“TNA, 2000’s WCW and now the Scorpion King!?
You sir are a brave man.”

If suffering = art, then I reckon I’m the Picasso of wrasslin’ podcasts…Lol! Besides, Like Paul E. I also like to live Dangerously!:100: