Tito vs Alberto?

Wondering if anyone is watching this coming Saturday?

I’m mildly intrigued but not that 40 dollar price point. If it’s cheaper the day of I might order it after my Christmas work party.

I actually enjoyed the Tito vs Chuck match a little mainly bc I dislike both but dislike Chuck the most and it was nice to see him get beat up.

Not a fan of Alberto so might be fun if he takes a beating similar tot the CM Punk matches.

Anyone ordering?

Well, you will almost certainly see Alberto take a beating if you order this event.

That being said, I would not recommend wasting your money on this card. Just catch the replay of the 3 minute fight online. I cannot believe that they have the gall to ask people to pay $40 to see the worst card of the year on the same day as Joshua/Ruiz 2 and a UFC event. Insanity. If this does over 15k buys, I would be genuinely amazed.

I mean Joshua vs Ruiz 2 is at noon bc they took that Saudi blood money. Out of principle I won’t watch it it similar to crown jewel. Can’t be Hypocritical. The UFC card this week is garbage compared to next week.

It’s worth like 10-20 bucks at most to see Alberto get beat up. Paige is probably ordering

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I think it’s a pretty decent UFC Fight Night (obviously has nothing on next weeks amazing PPV), but agreed on Joshua/Ruiz.

I hate the idea of unbalanced matchmaking like that in MMA. The freak-show fights and the 50 year olds coming out of retirement to get knocked out one last time. I don’t like Del Rio, but I also think it’s ridiculous that a fight like that would sanctioned. Im sure Scott Coker will love it at least.

Yeah I’m interested but the price tag is ridiculous. Plus there is also a UFC Fight Night on the same night, which will probably be a better card.